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I was born, and raised, in Elgin, Illinois, where I graduated from Elgin High School.

I then attended Illinois Wesleyan University, before graduate school at Southern Illinois University. During my time in undergrad, I realized the power of television news, and determined this would be a good way to reach people, and help bring change for the better. I know, it’s a vague ambition, but this is my goal in every situation.

I began my career in Madison, WI, as an anchor/reporter for WMTV NBC 15, and spent six years there. Madison is about as wonderful as billed, but the reason I moved to Milwaukee is even better … I call her “My Jen,” and she’s my partner for life.

So, following her law school path to “The Mil,” I began working at FOX6 in November 2005. I cannot put into words how much I have enjoyed working for the FOX6 Wake Up program, and meeting thousands along the way. But, new challenges await … stay tuned.

Personally, I consider myself a pretty boring fella, and quite the family guy. I am happiest when My Jen and I are with my son, Jaedin, my little brother, my parents, and the rest of my wonderful family. It doesn’t matter what we do, we’re always just so happy to be together.

Over the years, I have developed a speaking program, which I have delivered to high school and middle school students, nationwide, in the hopes that my experiences and observations will help others. I also don’t miss an opportunity to encourage folks to avoiding living superficial lives. In fact, I am guided by the idea that, whatever “it” is, “it’s not about me.” I try to apply this to every opportunity, in order to bring about the aforementioned “change for the better.” I think it helps when I report, or anchor, to keep this in mind. The story, and being on television, is never about me. It’s about helping to bring about the changes, and everyone benefiting from them.

My favorite quote: “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift — that’s why they call it the ‘present.'”

Thanks for reading.

God Bless You.

Recent Articles
  • Summer of Peace Youth Rally

    “A holistic approach:” Milwaukee’s youth take to the streets to promote peace

    MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee’s young people are taking to the streets to promote peace on Friday, July 29th. You can rain on their parade but you can’t prevent them from promoting the positive. “They got out the house, got some air and just came out here to do positive things,” said Sir Zion Curlin, promoting the positive. Friday, July 29th dozens of young people and community organizers made their way along Milwaukee’s Dr. Martin Luther King Drive, and into MKE Peace […]

  • Laina Stachowicz

    “Big heart, big goals:” 8-year-old girl aspiring to become brain surgeon gives back to recovering patients

    MILWAUKEE — What were you doing when you were eight years old? Memorizing the lobes of the brain perhaps? If so, then you’re a lot like a young Slinger girl who is absolutely certain she’s going to be a neurosurgeon. “I want to be a neurosurgeon when I grow up,” said Laina Stachowicz, birthday girl/future neurosurgeon. Eight-year-old Laina is focused on becoming a brain surgeon in the next couple of decades or so. “Since I can’t do that now, I […]

  • Humboldt Park sign misspelled

    Milwaukee County Parks sign was missing a letter; caught the eyes of passersby

    MILWAUKEE — Oops! A sign recently created to identify Humboldt Park on Milwaukee’s south side was missing a “D.” The sign was erected at the corner of Oklahoma and Howell Avenues — and it got people talking. A Milwaukee County supervisor told FOX6 News a contractor is responsible for making the sign, adding that the county is purchasing a replacement. “We just put it in without even noticing — and then sure enough, people started calling. And yeah, we had […]

  • "We Back The Badge" sign

    “We want to show support:” Milw. Police Assoc. receives first shipment of “We Back The Badge” signs

    MILWAUKEE — The Milwaukee Police Association (MPA) received its first shipment of “We Back The Badge” signs on Tuesday, July 26th. A news conference was held at 2:00 p.m. to acknowledge the receipt of those signs. In attendance at that news conference were MPA President Mike Crivello, Rep. Samantha Kerkman of Kenosha and Milwaukee Police Officer Brandon Baranowski — who was shot and injured on Sunday, July 17th while on the scene of a domestic violence related call near 17th […]

  • Mike Sadler, Sam Foltz

    2 college football players from Michigan, Nebraska killed in crash in Waukesha Co.; Louisiana player hurt

    WAUKESHA COUNTY — Officials with the Waukesha County Sheriff’s Department say two young men from out-of-state — college football players — were killed, and a third was hurt on Saturday night, July 23rd in a crash in the Town of Merton. It happened around 11:45 p.m. on Beaver Lake Road near Beaver View Road in Merton. Officials say an investigation has revealed a vehicle was traveling westbound on Beaver Lake Road when the driver lost control on wet pavement. The […]

  • MFD terrorism training

    “Life safety education:” Milwaukee Fire Department takes part in terrorism training

    MILWAUKEE — In the wake of recent terror attacks across the globe, the Milwaukee Fire Department continues its efforts to remain abreast of the appropriate response strategies. Friday, July 22nd involved a few days of classroom instruction from a couple of specialists. “I’ve got 20 years on the HazMat team,” said Milwaukee Fire Department Captain Russell Rivard. Captain Rivard says he’s seen a significant shift in terms of training. “It’s this much on industrial things, and this much on acts […]

  • Farm Tech Days

    “Hotter than we were hoping for:” Farm Technology Days draws big crowds despite heat

    WALWORTH COUNTY — Walworth County hosted for the first time the Dairy State’s annual Farm Technology Days — July 19th through the 21st. Organizers said they managed to draw considerable crowds despite this week’s weather worries. There was no way Vera Juhlin was missing the event. “I grew up on a farm, so I wanted to come and see what new farm equipment was like,” Juhlin said. But concerns over the weather jeopardized Juhlin’s trip. “We were watching it every […]

  • air conditioning

    “We want to keep them connected:” We Energies works with customers to stay cool

    MILWAUKEE — With the dangerous temperatures on the way, We Energies is making some special exceptions. “We want to work with our customers. We want to keep them connected,” said Cathy Schulze of We Energies. While the pending wave of heat is causing concerns, state law puts protections in place to prevent the utility from cutting off customers who cannot afford to pay their bills. “When things get elevated to the level where the National Weather Service is issuing an […]

  • Bluff erosion

    Slabs of concrete “12 inches thick” could slow bluff erosion in southeast Wisconsin

    RACINE COUNTY — The concrete is coming. Within the next couple of weeks, residents of Racine County’s lakeshore communities can take advantage of a contractor’s generosity in the effort to build up their eroding bluffs. Mount Pleasant Village President Jerry Garski says a contractor on a construction project at the Waukegan Airport has agreed to donate enough concrete to cover a couple of football fields or so — for use by those lakeshore residents affected by bluff erosion. “These are 10-by-10-foot […]

  • Officer-involved shooting in Sheboygan

    2 officers fatally shoot robbery suspect armed with rifle at Sheboygan tavern

    SHEBOYGAN — Sheboygan police are investigating an officer-involved fatal shooting that occurred late Sunday night, July 17th. The incident occurred at the Union Avenue Tap. According to police, two officers were called out to the area of Union Avenue and 14th Street just after 11:30 p.m. for a report of a robbery-in-progress. Police say two patrons and two tavern employees were inside the establishment when police arrived. That’s when those officers encountered a suspect in one of the doorways — armed with a […]

  • Milwaukee's Prince of Peace Lutheran Church

    “We’d pray for them:” Vandals hit south side Milwaukee church with graffiti

    MILWAUKEE — Spray-painting a place for prayer? While the thought may be inconceivable for many, this is the reality for one Milwaukee church. Insurance will cover most of the clean-up, but the deductible and devastation remain. “Probably, Tuesday night. It could’ve been early, Wednesday morning,” said Pastor Andrew Nyren. On Thursday morning, instead of the congregation holding church services at Milwaukee’s Prince of Peace Lutheran Church and Day Care, the building hosted restoration services. “It’s all one color, and obviously, well, […]

  • tankers

    “These are not empty:” Idle tankers in Milwaukee’s central city sparks crude oil concerns

    MILWAUKEE — A press conference in Milwaukee on Wednesday, July 6th comes on the three year anniversary of an oil train derailment and explosion in Quebec, which killed 47 people. The tanker cars involved passed through Milwaukee, on their way to Canada. Now, crude oil concerns continue to serve as a subject of controversy in Milwaukee’s central city. Community leaders, activist groups and business owners come together on Wednesday, for a call to action. “As we talk about making this […]


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