Milwaukee unrest: Coverage of violence in the city in wake of officer-involved shooting
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I was born, and raised, in Elgin, Illinois, where I graduated from Elgin High School.

I then attended Illinois Wesleyan University, before graduate school at Southern Illinois University. During my time in undergrad, I realized the power of television news, and determined this would be a good way to reach people, and help bring change for the better. I know, it’s a vague ambition, but this is my goal in every situation.

I began my career in Madison, WI, as an anchor/reporter for WMTV NBC 15, and spent six years there. Madison is about as wonderful as billed, but the reason I moved to Milwaukee is even better … I call her “My Jen,” and she’s my partner for life.

So, following her law school path to “The Mil,” I began working at FOX6 in November 2005. I cannot put into words how much I have enjoyed working for the FOX6 Wake Up program, and meeting thousands along the way. But, new challenges await … stay tuned.

Personally, I consider myself a pretty boring fella, and quite the family guy. I am happiest when My Jen and I are with my son, Jaedin, my little brother, my parents, and the rest of my wonderful family. It doesn’t matter what we do, we’re always just so happy to be together.

Over the years, I have developed a speaking program, which I have delivered to high school and middle school students, nationwide, in the hopes that my experiences and observations will help others. I also don’t miss an opportunity to encourage folks to avoiding living superficial lives. In fact, I am guided by the idea that, whatever “it” is, “it’s not about me.” I try to apply this to every opportunity, in order to bring about the aforementioned “change for the better.” I think it helps when I report, or anchor, to keep this in mind. The story, and being on television, is never about me. It’s about helping to bring about the changes, and everyone benefiting from them.

My favorite quote: “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift — that’s why they call it the ‘present.'”

Thanks for reading.

God Bless You.

Recent Articles
  • Tyann Bunch

    “I want justice:” Mother of woman killed by hit-and-run driver pleads for suspect to come forward

    MILWAUKEE — It’s a different form of “driver distraction” on Friday, August 26th. A Milwaukee mother struggles to split her focus between grieving her daughter’s hit-and-run death, and the continuing search for the driver responsible. “Just a body, without a soul,” said Tasha Bunch, victim’s mother. Despite her pain… “We are mourning the loss of my daughter,” Tasha said. This mother is making a plea. “Just turn yourself in, so we could be at peace,” said Tasha. Friday, Tasha Bunch […]

  • Milwaukee police beef up enforcement to crack down on drag racing, “‘Fast and the Furious’ wannabes”

    MILWAUKEE — A Milwaukee alderwoman says an increase in street racing has her asking for help from Milwaukee police to stop the dangerous, and sometimes deadly, races. “It’s truly ‘Fast and Furious’ right now. I feel like we are shooting part of the movie,” said Milwaukee Alderwoman Chantia Lewis. When the street racing rolls off the movie sets and onto the streets, here come the concerns. “They’ll line up the cars and basically they’ll race them,” said Captain Andra Williams […]

  • Safari Lake Geneva

    “A dream come true:” Jungle Jay Christie about to start public tours at his new ‘Safari Lake Geneva’

    LAKE GENEVA — Safari Lake Geneva opens Saturday, August 27th — and you can now book your tour! FOX6 got an exclusive preview on Wednesday, August 24th. “It absolutely is a dream come true,” Jungle Jay Christie said. Christie spent 16 years as CEO of the Racine Zoo, and now, he’s the founder and owner of Safari Lake Geneva. On Wednesday, Christie and his staff were preparing to open the first and only safari park in Wisconsin. Public tours begin […]

  • Randall Drescher

    Milwaukee man charged; accused of fatally shooting passerby outside District 6 police station

    MILWAUKEE — A Milwaukee man has been criminally charged in connection with the shooting death of 42-year-old Reed Carlsen. The shooting occurred in front of the District 6 police station near 27th and Oklahoma on August 18th. 65-year-old Randall Drescher of Milwaukee is facing one count of first degree reckless homicide. According to the criminal complaint, Drescher, along with a friend, were sitting in a van in front of the District 6 police station around 6:40 p.m. when they got into an altercation with […]

  • Body camera

    “Everything has to have a policy:” Police departments consider ever-changing use of body cameras

    MILWAUKEE — They are intended to protect both the public and the police when the two interact during investigations and law enforcement actions. But according to one expert, body cameras are an ever-changing technology — one that will require plenty of patience. Brian Dorow is the dean of the Waukesha County Technical College’s Law Enforcement Training School — and he is big on body cameras. “It’s a new tool that law enforcement is starting to use,” Dorow said. On Monday, August […]

  • Milwaukee Police District 6

    Man shot and killed outside police station, residents express shock

    MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee police are investigating a fatal shooting in perhaps one of the most unlikely locations — in front of the District 6 police station near 27th and Oklahoma. People who live in the neighborhood are surprised — not so much about what happened, but where it happened. “Right by a police station? That’s crazy! I mean, that’s as bold as it can get,” said Mark Davis of Milwaukee. According to Milwaukee police, two unidentified men, ages 52 and […]

  • peace walk

    Churches try “to respond to the needs” of neighborhoods impacted by unrest

    MILWAUKEE — The recent unrest has many in Milwaukee looking for ways to help improve the quality of life in other neighborhoods as well. As Hephatha Lutheran Church’s Joyce Ellwanger discusses Milwaukee’s destruction during the past several days, she is part of the reality of what is happening now. “We did see the damaged buildings. It’s part of the reality of what’s happened,” Ellwanger said. “The Lindsay Heights Community Planning Council is doing three walks. This is the third neighborhood […]

  • Tyann Bunch

    “You took a daughter:” Mother mourns after her daughter was killed by hit-and-run driver

    MILWAUKEE — We’re learning more about a fatal hit-and-run crash that killed 22-year-old Tyann Bunch of Milwaukee late Tuesday, August 16th. “You took a daughter. You took a sister. You took a aunt,” said Tasha Bunch, Tyann’s mother. “I haven’t been asleep. I been up since last night.” Tasha Bunch does not know to whom she is speaking. But she is absolutely certain what she wants them to do. “Just thinkin’, hopin’, prayin’ that you guys will turn yourself in,” Bunch […]

  • Sen. Tammy Baldwin visits Mount Pleasant

    Sen. Baldwin pays Mount Pleasant a visit, offers federal help for eroding bluffs

    MOUNT PLEASANT — There is some help on the horizon for Racine County residents. This, as a federally elected official makes her first visit to witness Mother Nature’s impact on the bluffs along the lakeshore. On Tuesday, what John Koetz saw along his eroding Lake Michigan shoreline property in the Village of Mount Pleasant included a persistent problem. “If we don’t do something now, a year from now, it’s going to be under our deck, into our basement,” Koetz said. […]

  • Cudahy squad

    “3 stolen vehicles; 6 suspects in custody:” Cudahy squad involved in pursuit with stolen vehicles

    CUDAHY — A police pursuit left behind a path of destruction in Cudahy, near Mallory and Packard  Friday, August 12th. It ended with multiple vehicles damaged, including a Cudahy squad, and half a dozen suspects arrested. “It’s a difficult and challenging circumstance,” said Cudahy Police Chief Tom Poellot. One which Cudahy Police Chief Tom Poellot says began when witnesses reported spotting a van near the intersection of Kirkwood and Squire. “I saw three people get out of the car, and they […]

  • Zoo Interchange ramp closure

    Drivers be ready: Zoo Interchange I-94 EB to I-41 NB ramp set to close until spring of 2017

    MILWAUKEE — There is good news and not-so-good news when it comes to the Zoo Interchange construction project. The good news: according to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) the project remains on schedule. The not-quite-as-good but necessary news: a significant ramp closure is coming on Monday, August 15th. While it may sound small, the coming closure of a Zoo Interchange ramp is a big deal. “That’s 7,000 people a day that are going to have to find a different route,” […]

  • Kurt Klessig and his fiancee Mary Heitzmann

    Bartender shot, wounded by Sheboygan officer during attempted robbery facing expensive medical bills

    SHEBOYGAN — Faced with an armed robber, a Sheboygan bartender says he did what he was supposed to do. He got the suspect out of the tavern, and no one inside was hurt. Police would eventually shoot and kill the suspect — but the bartender wasn’t able to escape injury. Kurt Klessig told FOX6 News he watched the armed man leave the Union Avenue Tap with money, but without firing a single shot from his automatic rifle. Just as a […]


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