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I first set foot in the FOX6 Weather Center when I was 9 years old. At that time, I think my parents thought it was cute that I had such an interest in weather. Well, I guess in some ways I never grew up.

My trip to FOX6 includes a tour through every area code in Wisconsin. I grew up in West Allis (or “Stallis” to some) and graduated from Pius High XI High School.

My next stop was UW-Madison where I studied Atmospheric and Oceanic Science, which is really just a fancy name for meteorology. One of my classes included an internship at FOX6. Vince Condella and Bart Adrian made it the most fun 2 credits I could earn.

After working for Weather Central in Madison I got my first TV job in Rhinelander followed by a stop in Green Bay.

These days I live in Menomonee Falls along with my beautiful wife, Amy, and our son, Alexander, who joined us in September 2012. Amy and I are thrilled to be back in the area we grew up close to friends and family. And I can't forget the final member of our family, Camille, a tuxedo cat named after the category 5 hurricane of 1969.

Other than watching the clouds drift by, I’m a huge sports nut. I love golf but golf doesn’t always love me. If you see me on the course, be prepared to duck!

Recent Articles
  • Jupiter and Venus line up in the August sky. Credit: Earthsky.org

    Two worlds (almost) collide!

    Stargazers and skywatchers have an early morning treat coming up. Over the next few days it will appear as though Jupiter and Venus are making a rendezvous above the horizon. Each of these heavenly bodies put on a solo act most of the year as the sky’s brightest objects after the sun and moon. But when they get in line the view can be even more spectacular! If you’re up early enough and clouds don’t mask the view, take a […]

  • A mirage appears over a hot road.

    Seeing double down the road

    Even though temperatures have cooled a bit recently our midday sun is still high in the sky. With direct sunlight pounding the pavement, an occasional glance down the road may play tricks on your eyes and brain. We’re trained to think that what we’re looking at is where we see it. That is not always the case when looking through different densities. Imagine this, you’re standing on a hot asphalt road looking ahead. As your line of sight gets closer […]

  • Damage to Pioneer Stadium in Platteville from an EF2 tornado on June 16th.

    A late start for tornadoes, what about the rest of summer?

    Better late than never? That certainly applies to our tardy spring but not to the delay of tornado season in Wisconsin. The first tornado of 2014 touched down shortly before 11pm Monday night (June 16th) with 5 more arriving before 12:30am. A half dozen tornadoes in only a few hours is quite a grand opening by itself. But adding to the danger was the late night arrival and intensity of the twisters. Half of them carried a strong EF2 or […]

  • 650x366_05231526_hd28

    Meteor shower could ignite night sky: Where to see it

    (CNN) — The cosmos has aligned, quite literally, for families, space geeks and insomniacs alike, as the Earth is set to intercept a new meteor shower late Friday into Saturday. The scientists who discovered the cosmic debris say the Camelopardalid shower could be “significant.” Some forecasts show 200 to 1,000 meteors an hour between 2 and 4 a.m. Eastern Time on Saturday. NASA says North America is in the best position to get a glimpse because the peak of the […]

  • Large hailstone from Racine on May 12th. Photo by Allen.

    Hail hits hard, lots of Wisconsin recovering from damage

    MILWAUKEE (WITI) — The impact of Monday’s storms is still being felt across southeast Wisconsin this week. High winds, heavy rain (over 5” in some parts), and tennis ball sized hail were all part of a series of storms which thankfully did not include tornadoes, though we came close! Viewers sent us fantastic photos from that day and night, the majority of which included incredible hailstones. So let’s take a closer look at what a tennis ball sized (2.5” diameter) […]

  • Baxter Springs, KS Tornado

    Tornadoes on radar: How meteorologists see them

    MILWAUKEE (WITI) — For a meteorologist, it’s a never ending endeavor, trying to provide lead time to oncoming tornadoes without crying wolf at every storm. Fortunately, advancements in radar technology have given meteorologists the upper hand in this fight. The current network of National Weather Service radars were developed in the late 80s and installed in the 90s. They are the first group of Doppler radars which can detect motion within a storm. One by one, these aging radars have […]

  • Credit: NASA

    If El Niño returns, what does it mean for us?

    MILWAUKEE (WITI) — It’s probably the catchiest term in the meteorologist’s lexicon, El Niño. This global phenomena may not directly cause weather extremes in our corner of the world, but it certainly can tip the scales in favor of them. So what is El Niño and when will we see it again? In some years, warmer than normal water pools in the eastern Pacific Ocean near South America while normal water temps remain near Indonesia and Australia. This is an […]

  • hartland hail

    Hail pelts southeast Wis., storm threat through night

    SOUTHEASTERN WI (WITI) — Strong storms are rolling through parts of southeastern Wisconsin Saturday, April 12th. Quarter-sized hail was reported in Kenosha just before noon. Areas north of Milwaukee will continue to see a threat of storms through the afternoon. Gusty winds and hail are possible. Areas that have not seen storms today may have a chance tonight. Temperatures are varying across the area with 40’s to the north and 70’s just to the south. CLICK HERE to follow the severe […]

  • What remains of the snow covering the lawn behind the weather deck.

    It’s been over three months since we’ve seen grass

    MILWAUKEE (WITI) — As the snow melts, we cap off another streak from this super sized version of winter. From December 9th to March 10th, Milwaukee saw 92 consecutive days of snow cover! Snow cover is defined as at least 1” on the ground. During this stretch we never dropped below 2” of snow and peaked at 14” in mid February. The streak is second longest on record falling short of the 112 days of consecutive snow cover in the […]

  • Temperatures dipped to 0° or colder on Feb. 26, 2014.

    Is it really this cold? Or are we getting soft?

    In most winters around here you can ask a person if it’s been cold and the response will probably sound something like “well yeah, but this is Wisconsin”. Translation, it’s not any colder than what’s expected or what can be tolerated. For all but the extreme winter enthusiast this season’s response would likely sound a bit different. But how much of this grueling winter is perceived? Through Feb. 25th, we’re in the neighborhood of 10th place for coldest winters. That’s […]

  • A Milwaukee man shovels after his snow blower breaks.

    Lots of snow but a little at a time

    What is it with February and holiday snows? Three years ago it was the Groundhog’s Day Blizzard and this year it was President’s Day delivering 6.7” of snow to Milwaukee. I wonder if this means anything for Leap Day in 2016? Monday’s hefty snowfall was something we haven’t seen much this winter, despite the towering snow banks you see on every corner. The abundant amount we’ve seen since November has accumulated little by little. Through February 19th we’ve had 39 […]

  • Forecast snow totals for Feb. 5th

    Why aren’t snowfall forecasts always right?

    MILWAUKEE (WITI) — If you’re not a fan of winter you’re probably not in a great mood at the moment.  Since the first snowflakes fell in November we’ve seen over 43” reach the ground. In addition, temps have dipped below zero 15 times. Those bitter cold mornings helped make this January the 19th coldest out of 145 Januarys on record. So when the forecast calls for the next inevitable round of snow it may feel like nature is adding insult […]


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