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I first set foot in the FOX6 Weather Center when I was 9 years old. At that time, I think my parents thought it was cute that I had such an interest in weather. Well, I guess in some ways I never grew up.

My trip to FOX6 includes a tour through every area code in Wisconsin. I grew up in West Allis (or “Stallis” to some) and graduated from Pius High XI High School.

My next stop was UW-Madison where I studied Atmospheric and Oceanic Science, which is really just a fancy name for meteorology. One of my classes included an internship at FOX6. Vince Condella and Bart Adrian made it the most fun 2 credits I could earn.

After working for Weather Central in Madison I got my first TV job in Rhinelander followed by a stop in Green Bay.

These days I live in Menomonee Falls along with my beautiful wife, Amy, and our son, Alexander, who joined us in September 2012. Amy and I are thrilled to be back in the area we grew up close to friends and family. And I can’t forget the final member of our family, Camille, a tuxedo cat named after the category 5 hurricane of 1969.

Other than watching the clouds drift by, I’m a huge sports nut. I love golf but golf doesn’t always love me. If you see me on the course, be prepared to duck!

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  • It hasn’t been this cold in a while

    MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Last week, “anchor extraordinaire” Anne State popped into the weather office looking for an update on our weather. My response? “Another day, another advisory”. No doubt this winter has flexed its muscle. For those under 30 years old it may be the coldest they’ve ever lived through. The last time we started winter this frigid, we had a toy called the Rubik’s Cube to help pass the time if our DeLorean wouldn’t start in the cold. For […]

  • An explanation of what causes wind chill

    MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Check out the video for an explanation of how wind can make such a difference on a cold day.

  • Can ice on the Great Lakes be a good thing?

    MILWAUKEE (WITI) — It’s been cold this winter, no really it has. Ok, so I don’t exactly need to twist your arm to convince you of that. Unless you’re a snowbird reading this from Florida, Arizona, or anywhere south of the Mason-Dixon Line then you already know this very well. Our cold winter which includes a 2 to 1 ratio of cold vs. warm days since Dec. 1st (35 days colder than normal, 17 days warmer than normal) has iced […]

  • Northern lights could put on a show early Thursday

    MILWAUKEE (WITI) — It’s hard to believe on a 7 degree day, but we actually live closer to the Equator than the North Pole (1/2 way point is near Wausau). So when talk of seeing the northern lights, aka, aurora borealis hits the news we have to temper our expectations. That being said, Wednesday night’s chance is as good as any. Right now the sun is near the most active part of its “11-ish” year solar cycle. That means huge […]

  • Comet ISON cancelling its visit

    When it was discovered in late 2012, some predicted it would be the comet of the century! (Does anyone who says this realize the century is only 14 years old?). However, comet ISON’s journey took it a little too close to the sun and it now appears the speedy space traveler is toast. The chunk of ice, rock, and dirt zipped across our solar system at nearly 100,000 mph. As the sun’s immense gravity pulled it closer its speed multiplied. […]

  • It’s (almost) never too late for tornadoes

    Sunday’s devastating outbreak of tornadoes in the Midwest can serve as a reminder. Even though we’re heading full steam into winter, a time when blizzards and ice storms are our main opponents, we can’t overlook the occasional storm with hail, high winds, or even twisters. Since records began in 1844 Wisconsin has seen 9 tornadoes in November, 6 in December, 3 in January, and 18 In March. February stands alone as the only tornado free month in Wisconsin, at least […]

  • Tropical triplets: hurricane, typhoon, and cyclone

    Until Super Typhoon Haiyan (aka “Yolanda”) slammed the Philippines there were quite a few folks who had no idea what a typhoon is, much less a super typhoon. The different titles can be confusing, especially when combined with different names (ie: Haiyan and Yolanda for the same storm). Like soda and pop, bubbler and water fountain, we have different names for the same things. It just depends on where you are. Typhoons, hurricanes, and cyclones are nearly the same thing. […]

  • What was Superstorm Sandy?

    One year ago today a storm named “Sandy” slammed the east coast of the U.S. while also delivering a powerful punch hundreds of miles inland. The effects of Sandy could be seen here as waves on Lake Michigan soared to over 21 feet! What was Sandy and what made it so unique? As you read on you’ll find those questions do not have simple answers. Sandy began as a tropical depression in the Caribbean Sea one week before its final […]

  • Venus shining bright for a few weeks

    Our recent stretch of warm weather this October has probably meant you’ve spent a little more time outside and at later parts of the day. Instead of venturing into the cozy confines of your home at 5-6pm, our mild evenings have given us the opportunity to comfortably hangout in the yard well past sunset, without the sounds of chattering teeth. And on one of these recent mild evenings you may have noticed an incredibly bright “star” positioned about half way […]

  • Is it safe to shut down the air conditioning for the year?

    If the first batch of leaves drifting off their branches isn’t enough of a sign the seasons are changing, the slowly dipping mercury on your outdoor thermometer may be enough. Sure the calendar may say we get a few more days of summer before the Autumnal Equinox on Sept. 22nd this year, but our recent roller coaster ride of 60s to 90s then back to 60s should convince you that Mother Nature can be very indecisive this time of year. […]

  • Worst of the worst of Wisconsin’s severe weather

    In Wisconsin we know extremes. Our record book shows temps as high as 114° (Wisconsin Dells July 13, 1936) and as low as -55° (Couderay Feb. 2 & 4, 1996). But what about severe weather? Does our biggest hail, fastest winds, and strongest tornadoes stand toe to toe with the worst severe weather in the heart of Tornado Alley? The answer is a resounding YES, though we don’t see these extremes as often. Hail The largest hailstone in Wisconsin’s history […]

  • The “dog days” of summer are here

    MILWAUKEE (WITI) — You think it’s warm now? Oh we’re just getting started. Even though the days are getting shorter they’re also getting warmer, speaking from a climate perspective. In mid and late July our normal daily temperature peaks at 72 degrees (high temp of 80 and low of 64). Some call it the “Dog Days of Summer”. The definition has more to do with the stars and less to do with man’s best friend. The dog days start in […]