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Hey, how are you? Can I help? I really want to make this world a better place for everyone and thankfully my job as the Contact 6 consumer reporter and co-host of Studio A gives me that chance.

Once I was calling a business to get a viewer’s money back and the receptionist got irritated. She told me, “If you don’t mind me saying (which is code for I’m about to say something rude), you are just a GLORIFIED customer service woman.”

I LOVED it! I told her I was going to put it on my business card because she's right. Contact 6 steps in when the company’s customer service - fails.

Honestly, my true passion is to help businesses be their best. As a co-host on Studio A every weekday afternoon at 4, we highlight the great people and places Milwaukee has to offer.

When we get the chance to interview business owners with a great product or service, their ambition energizes me. Recently women business owners have asked me to show them what it takes to attract the media and present their message on TV.

For entrepreneurs I know having an extra edge on the competition helps. I started a production company with a friend after graduating from the University of Southern California. It only took 6 months and I moved from Los Angeles to Parkersburg, West Virginia (WTAP-‘93) to take my first TV job instead.

My second job brought me to Milwaukee (WTMJ-‘94) and then Portland, Oregon (KATU-‘97) for a year before returning to the people I love here in Brew City. Little did I know I would meet my husband at WITI FOX 6. At the time, he worked in Creative Services, a.k.a. graphic design and marketing department.

We like to play sports with our son, ride our bikes to raise money for Wisconsin’s MS Society, and occasionally go to the LEGO store.

Judging from all the other parents there, that store will never need a glorified customer service woman to step in. But if you do, let me know.

To file a complaint with Contact 6, copy and paste the following URL into your favorite web browser: http://fox6now.com/contact/contact-6-inquiry/

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