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In the world of Twitter, I’m a, “Lover of Justice-Agent for Change-What can I do for YOU? TV Talk Show Host, Consumer Reporter, Wife, Mother, Believer, USC grad, Mini-Van Driver.”

Wow, a few letters can say a lot.

I prefer the expanded version. We are all so much more than our internet identities and that’s why I would love to help you tell your story.

As an Emmy-award winning Contact 6 consumer reporter, my mission is to save you money.

Once I was calling a business to get a viewer’s money back and the receptionist got irritated. She told me, “If you don’t mind me saying (which is code for I’m about to say something rude), you are just a GLORIFIED customer service woman.”

I LOVED it! I told her I was going to put it on my business card because she’s right. Contact 6 steps in when the company’s customer service fails.

Contact 6 has been going strong since 1972. I was honored and overwhelmed when FOX 6 asked me to take the reins from Milwaukee legend Tom Hooper in 1999.

I’m proud to still be helping people with Contact 6 plus over the years, I’ve filled a lot of other positions too. I’ve been the co-anchor of FOX 6 News at 5, 6, 9 and 10 plus co-hosted Real Milwaukee.

This California girl has FOX 6 to thank for finding a husband too.:) Scott worked in our Creative Services department when we met and we now enjoy time with our 10-year-old son.

I know how expensive life can be, so best to protect your family by watching our Contact 6 reports on FOX 6 News at 4 and 10.

Thanks for watching and reading!

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  • Glow1

    Security questions about Glow women’s health app

    Consumer Reports recently tested the security and privacy features on a popular women’s health and fertility app called Glow. It’s designed to help women track their monthly cycles and get pregnant. The app asks for very personal information, like how you slept, whether you use birth control and even if you’re constipated. Consumer Reports discovered that people with little to no hacking skills could link their Glow account to another user’s account without the other person knowing it. Also, using common security software, Consumer Reports could […]

  • PGO3

    Don’t let Pokémon Go raise your phone bill: How to watch your data usage

    MILWAUKEE — If your kids are obsessed with playing Pokémon Go, do you know how much the extra data is costing you? Besides being aware of your surroundings while playing, you also need to be aware of your bill. More than 15 million people have downloaded Pokémon Go and after the download, players started uploading complaints. If you follow #pokemongomademe on social media, you’ll see plenty of people crying about how the game has made them remember that they don’t have […]

  • supplements

    Harmful supplements

    Supplements are easier to get than prescription drugs and they carry an aura of being more natural and thus safer. A Consumer Reports survey finds 50 percent of Americans believe that supplement makers test their products for effectiveness. And 38 percent believe that supplements are tested for safety by the Food and Drug Administration. For the most part, supplement makers don’t have to prove that their products are safe or that they work as advertised. And they don’t have to […]

  • AllCity7

    Customer vs. contractor: Contact 6 helps rooming house owner get back thousands

    MILWAUKEE — During the summer months, you may be thinking about get some remodeling done on your home. But what happens when the person you hired doesn’t finish the work? Penny Bigalke ran into that problem when she hired All City Contracting.  The company and it’s owner, Tim Futh, left her in a bind in the spring of 2015. “We gave him a check for $19,727 on April 13th. After that, I spent weeks trying to call him,” recalled Bigalke. Bigalke’s house […]

  • K93

    K-9 Con: A Sheboygan family left without a service dog has a warning for others

    SHEBOYGAN — The relationship between a child and their pet can be truly amazing to see, especially if the animal is highly trained to make the kid’s life better. A service dog is more than pet, but a family in Sheboygan has a warning for anyone looking for an animal online. It’s hard to keep up with eight-year-old Isabella. In the Pietroske family, you’ve got to be fast and like to have fun. Isabella leads the way. While she acts like […]

  • School

    Back to school savings: 6 tips for saving money on school supplies

    MILWAUKEE — Summer is in full swing and while you may be thinking about pools and beaches — retailers are thinking about pencils and binders. Believe it or not, stores are already in back to school mode and supplies shopping season is underway. A recent survey from the National Retail Federations reveals more parents plan to use coupons and hunt newspapers circulars to find good deals on school supplies this year. But, you may not need to if you follow six simple tips: […]

  • id 10

    “He probably sent them to 20 more people:” A financial crime, three arrests and a lesson for all of us

    MILWAUKEE COUNTY/RACINE COUNTY —  There is a new victim every three seconds. Nationwide, last year, 17 million people were hurt by this crime. Police rarely catch this type of crime as it happens, but FOX6’s Contact 6  got a rare look at a financial  crime in progress: identity theft. 25-year-old Detroit native Jamarr Bowens probably wishes he was anybody else right now. In fact, that’s the reason he ended up in court in the first place.  He used credit cards […]

  • MS

    “It’s so rewarding:” Multiple Sclerosis Society working closely with scientists to develop breakthroughs

    MILWAUKEE — We all know we want to feel and look great, but are we making the right daily decisions about our health? The Wisconsin Women’s Health Foundation honors the champions in our state who are trying to make our lives better and Studio A’s Katrina Cravy is honored to call one of them a friend. You’ve seen the walks. You’ve seen the dedication of people giving their time and their money to support the people they love battling multiple […]

  • girl

    9-year-old Brookfield girl launches “I Don’t Want To Be A Princess”

    MILWAUKEE — A recent study by Brigham Young University found girls who buy into the culture of Disney princesses may end up limiting their futures. This research has launched a Brookfield company into the national spotlight. Katrina Cravy recently got to play with the nine-year-old girl who started it all because she said, “I don’t want to be a princess.” CLICK HERE to learn more about “I Don’t Want to be a Princess.” Mission of “I Don’t Want to be […]

  • Renter_STILL

    “I thought it was ridiculous!” Contact 6 shows you how to avoid renter’s remorse

    MILWAUKEE — If you rent a house or apartment, do you know your rights? Who would you call if something major happens? Usually, you’d call your landlord, but sometimes that’s not enough. Joi Brown-Holland and her fiancé  Jeremy Wingo had some issues in their rental home. Video they showed to FOX6’s Contact 6 shows water in their basement. The couple says their landlord wouldn’t fix the problem. “Yea, there is a big leak in the foundation. And, he said, if that’s the […]

  • SmartphoneLenses1

    Smartphone lenses for better photos

    Does the artist in you long to experiment with photography this summer but you don’t want to spend a fortune on fancy lenses? You’re in luck. Consumer Reports just tested inexpensive specialty lenses that go right on your smartphone. The results can be quite good. Of the four brands Consumer Reports tried out, Photojojo’s are the least expensive. Each of its lenses goes for $20. Lensbaby makes a soft-focus lens for $60. Olloclip offers two lenses—wide-angle and telephoto—in a kit for $100. And the Mobi lens […]

  • StartStop1

    “I’m not noticing anything different!” Contact 6 tests new technology engineered by Johnson Controls

    GLENDALE — There’s new technology that is revolutionizing the roadways and it’s made in southeastern Wisconsin. Johnson Controls is on the forefront of creating start-stop vehicles systems. The system automatically shuts off a car’s engine when the driver stops. Officials with Johnson Controls say it helps the environment and will save consumers money. “Start-stop technology reduces fuel consumption and reduces emissions — and it’s a very inexpensive technology that’s available today. It’s ready to go,” explained MaryAnn Wright, the VP of […]


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