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  • Wrangle for Rawhide: Why the Wisconsin charity fought for the right to its name

    NEW LONDON — What’s in a name? A Wisconsin charity would say a good deal. It recently fought for the right to its name after the organization’s donations took a dive. On a sprawling ranch two hours north of Milwaukee among barns, tractors and stables — there’s the sound of busy hands at work at Rawhide Boys Ranch. “It’s real-life training. It’s real-life education based on not only cleaning cars, but also fixing them and inspecting them,” explained Aaron Geitner, the director of […]

  • Make-A-Wish Wisconsin grants its 6,000th wish! 4-year-old Wales boy gets special sensory bedroom

    WAUKESHA COUNTY — Six thousand — that’s how many wishes have been granted by Make-A-Wish Wisconsin. The milestone was marked the only way the organization knows how, by creating a special experience for one little boy. Walking into his home in Wales, Lincoln Durik could barely contain his excitement. With his family, friends and neighbors by his side, the four-year-old had his wish come true Friday, April 21st. Waiting for him upstairs in his home, a brand new bedroom. “Lincoln’s living […]

  • Contact 6 helps sisters donate burial plots to veteran in need “in honor of our parents”

    MILWAUKEE — It’s not a problem you hear about every day. Two Milwaukee sisters had to deal with a burial plot dilemma, and decide what to do with two unused graves — and they turned to FOX6’s Contact 6 for help. “We’re just so proud of our parents and the life they gave us,” Judy Gehrt said. When those you love become a memory, that memory becomes a treasure. “They were so loving and so kind,” Gehrt said. Judy Gehrt […]

  • “A doctor and a patient:” Aurora Health Care transplant doctor needs a new kidney himself

    MILWAUKEE — April is National Donate Life Month. Right now, thousands of people across the U.S. are waiting for a life-saving organ donation. One of those people on that list has committed his life to helping others get the organs they need to survive. Those who meet Dr. Moises Garcia learn immediately how dedicated he is to his family. Dr. Garcia is married with three children. While he spends much of his time with his family, he’s also dedicated to his patients. […]

  • CAPTURED: 10-day manhunt comes to an end for fugitive Joseph Jakubowski

    ROCK COUNTY — After a manhunt that lasted ten days, Joseph Jakubowski is now in the hands of Wisconsin authorities. While he’s well-known by law enforcement, the 32-year-old’s recent actions are quite different than his past. It all began inside a Janesville gunshop, Armageddon Gun Shop Tuesday, April 4th. Jakubowski became a national threat after investigators say he stole a large amount of weapons — 18 to be exact — 16 handguns and two rifles. Authorities said he also has acquired […]

  • “We just loved the entire idea of it:” Honor students cook dinner for guests at Fisher House Wisconsin

    MILWAUKEE — The smell and taste of a home cooked meal can provide a sense of comfort — especially when someone is going through a tough time. With that in mind, a group of teens put on their aprons and whipped up dinner at Fisher House Wisconsin. “We are cooking a meal for the families of the veterans that attend the VA Hospital,” explained Anna Wyson, a senior at Arrowhead High School. The group of honor students from Arrowhead High School […]

  • “It was surreal:” Texas woman travels to Milwaukee to undergo brain surgery while wide awake

    MILWAUKEE — A Texas woman is back to her old self after a life-saving trip to Milwaukee. Valerie Johnson is strong. She has to be in order to be a figure competitor. It takes a regimented diet and workout routine, but for the 36-year-old from Austin said it’s worth it. “I think that strength is beauty,” Johnson said. Recently, she learned just how strong she really is. “It was just a headache,” Johnson said. Turns out, there was much more […]

  • 100 calories of Valentine’s candy

    If you are really tempted by candy, how much can you have before it’s too much? Consumer Reports checked out Valentine’s Day candies to see what a 100 calorie serving looks like, including those conversation hearts and boxed chocolates. If you have special feelings for Sweethearts conversation candies, ooh la la! You’re in luck. You can say “be mine” to thirty of these, that add up to 100 calories. Or you could have about 57 Brachs Cinnamon Imperial Hearts. And […]

  • iStent helps relieve eye pressure for glaucoma patients: “Smallest device approved for implantation”

    MILWAUKEE — Glaucoma is a common and chronic disease that affects a person’s vision. There are several ways of treating glaucoma, but there’s an innovative new option for patients that reduces eye pressure, and a Milwaukee eye surgeon is one of the few in the area trained to do the procedure. Karen Goodstein loves to travel. She and her husband Aaron have traveled all over the world, but it was a trip to the eye doctor that took Goodstein down an untraveled […]

  • Which MPS schools had the most sources of lead in water? FOX6 Investigators have the list

    MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee Public Schools ran tests in 2016 to see if there was lead in the water at its schools. The results, released in December 2016, showed dangerous levels of lead in the water in 169  buildings. MPS officials say the problematic taps have been turned off, but some experts — the same experts who blew the whistle in the Flint, Michigan water crisis —  say students still shouldn’t drink the water. “Shutting off taps right now does not protect […]

  • “Too high:” MPS finds dangerous levels of lead in water at some schools, test results show

    MILWAUKEE — The FOX6 Investigators were the first, back in April, to report that water was being tested for lead in Milwaukee Public Schools. MPS officials said they were testing the water as a precaution. The test results show dangerous levels of lead in the water at some MPS schools. In some cases, the drinking water had more than 100 times the level of lead that’s legally considered safe. On Friday, December 16th, MPS officials sent out a news release […]

  • “Nothing ever gets done:” Contact 6 sits down with problematic contractor Jamey Rehm

    RACINE COUNTY — Hiring a contractor to work on your home is an act of trust, but what happens when that contractor violates that trust? Four women reached out to FOX6’s Contact 6 with complaints about the same contractor. One of those women was Talia Russo. Russo’s home has been without siding since July of 2016. “I need my house done before winter,” Russo said. Russo paid $9,000 to get the job done. “He keeps telling me ‘it’s gonna get done. […]