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  • 100 calories of Valentine’s candy

    If you are really tempted by candy, how much can you have before it’s too much? Consumer Reports checked out Valentine’s Day candies to see what a 100 calorie serving looks like, including those conversation hearts and boxed chocolates. If you have special feelings for Sweethearts conversation candies, ooh la la! You’re in luck. You can say “be mine” to thirty of these, that add up to 100 calories. Or you could have about 57 Brachs Cinnamon Imperial Hearts. And […]

  • iStent helps relieve eye pressure for glaucoma patients: “Smallest device approved for implantation”

    MILWAUKEE — Glaucoma is a common and chronic disease that affects a person’s vision. There are several ways of treating glaucoma, but there’s an innovative new option for patients that reduces eye pressure, and a Milwaukee eye surgeon is one of the few in the area trained to do the procedure. Karen Goodstein loves to travel. She and her husband Aaron have traveled all over the world, but it was a trip to the eye doctor that took Goodstein down an untraveled […]

  • Which MPS schools had the most sources of lead in water? FOX6 Investigators have the list

    MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee Public Schools ran tests in 2016 to see if there was lead in the water at its schools. The results, released in December 2016, showed dangerous levels of lead in the water in 169  buildings. MPS officials say the problematic taps have been turned off, but some experts — the same experts who blew the whistle in the Flint, Michigan water crisis —  say students still shouldn’t drink the water. “Shutting off taps right now does not protect […]

  • “Too high:” MPS finds dangerous levels of lead in water at some schools, test results show

    MILWAUKEE — The FOX6 Investigators were the first, back in April, to report that water was being tested for lead in Milwaukee Public Schools. MPS officials said they were testing the water as a precaution. The test results show dangerous levels of lead in the water at some MPS schools. In some cases, the drinking water had more than 100 times the level of lead that’s legally considered safe. On Friday, December 16th, MPS officials sent out a news release […]

  • “Nothing ever gets done:” Contact 6 sits down with problematic contractor Jamey Rehm

    RACINE COUNTY — Hiring a contractor to work on your home is an act of trust, but what happens when that contractor violates that trust? Four women reached out to FOX6’s Contact 6 with complaints about the same contractor. One of those women was Talia Russo. Russo’s home has been without siding since July of 2016. “I need my house done before winter,” Russo said. Russo paid $9,000 to get the job done. “He keeps telling me ‘it’s gonna get done. […]

  • Stopping the stress of being stranded? Contact 6 tests HONK and apps

    MILWAUKEE COUNTY — There are two free roadside assistance apps aimed at stopping the stress of being stranded: HONK and The apps are a free download to your smartphone. They are intended to be an alternative to paid roadside assistance coverage through your insurance or a motor club. The apps use your phone’s GPS to dispatch the nearest tow truck for issues like flat tires, lock outs, dead batteries or a tow. FOX6’s Contact 6 wanted to know how well the […]

  • “Doesn’t feel right:” Elderly patients with dementia handcuffed after caregivers call 911

    MILWAUKEE — There’s an estimated 48,000 people living with Alzheimer’s in southeastern Wisconsin. Half of those people don’t know it yet, because they haven’t been diagnosed.  But nearly all of them will eventually need care. “There can be a three-month wait-list to try to get help for your loved one.  I don’t have three months,” said Tom Kelley, who is living with dementia. Even if you find care, there’s no guarantee your loved one will be able to stay there […]

  • “I don’t want to know what’s under there:” Contact 6 tests beards for germs as men grow them for Movember

    MILWAUKEE — Movember is here and you’re probably seeing a lot more facial hair around your workplace. The men at FOX6 definitely start to look a little furry. People everywhere are growing facial hair to raise money for important research in the fight against prostate and testicular cancer. A stiff upper lip is required to withstand the teasing about what could be hiding in those beards. So, FOX6’s Contact 6 wanted to see if facial hair is really as dirty as […]

  • “We’ve had a long medical journey:” Fisher House Wisconsin helps Fond du Lac family in their time of need

    MILWAUKEE — Veterans Day comes every year, but Veterans Day 2016 will be the first time veterans’ families will have a free place to stay while their loved ones get treatment at the Milwaukee VA Medical Center — Fisher House Wisconsin. Fisher House Wisconsin has already helped several families since opening its doors including the Wild family from Fond du Lac. Rachel and John Wild are high school sweethearts. They got engaged in 2003. In 2005, the couple decided it was time to […]

  • An important lesson about veterans: Rose Glen Elementary raises money for Fisher House Wisconsin

    WAUKESHA — As Veterans Day approaches, students are learning about the importance of the men and women that serve our country. Kids at a Waukesha school got an extra special lesson thanks to Fisher House Wisconsin. In October, students at Rose Glen Elementary took part in a special presentation. Angie Christianson appeared as a special guest speaker. Christianson volunteers for the Board of Directors for Fisher House Wisconsin. Fisher House provides veterans’ families a free place to stay when their […]

  • “There is a price to be paid:” Milwaukee woman warns about free real estate seminars

    MILWAUKEE/BROOKFIELD — It’s a pitch offering a chance to earn extra money or even make you rich in real estate. It starts with a free seminar, but now one Milwaukee woman is fighting for a refund. FOX6 cameras went inside a local hotel to hear a pitch about what may sound like the deal of a lifetime. It was a free seminar showing you how to earn big money in real estate. The seminar is affiliated with the now cancelled reality […]

  • “There’s no disincentive to carry:” Felons with guns dodge ‘minimum’ sentence, despite new law

    MILWAUKEE — Every year, Milwaukee police take thousands of guns off the streets — hundreds of them from convicted felons. Under state law, felons caught in possession of firearms could face up to 10 years in prison, but many of them don’t go to prison at all. The FOX6 Investigators pored over five years worth of data from 2011 to 2015 involving thousands of cases where convicted felons were arrested for illegally carrying a gun. The findings are eye-opening. Three out of every […]