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People ask me what it’s like to be a TV reporter. There’s no private office. There’s no one who does my hair and makeup.

But I can tell you it’s one of the best jobs in the world. That’s why I consider myself lucky to have been doing it for more than thirty years in Wisconsin.

Every day, reporters get to go places they might never see otherwise. I’ve had the opportunity to interview presidents, movie stars, and every day people doing extraordinary things. Then I get to write about it and share it.

I started learning to write in Sherman grade school in Milwaukee. Then I continued writing for the Nicolet High School Knight’s Page. I later went to UW-Madison. While in college I worked at the Wisconsin State Capitol, as a legislative page and aide to a State Senator. After graduating the journalism program, I worked for WISM radio in Madison and WKOW-TV in Madison. Then I got the chance to come back home to Milwaukee to work for WITI-TV6.

Through the years I’ve been honored with numerous reporting awards from the Wisconsin Press Club, Associated Press, Wisconsin Broadcasters’ Award and even an Emmy for a documentary on domestic violence. There was also a Citizen Award from the Milwaukee Police Department for helping to catch a couple of robbers. But the true reward is realizing that somehow I might have helped someone.

An unbelievable opportunity for that realization was when I traveled to Romania three times to report on orphans that were available for adoption. 200 abandoned children were adopted by Wisconsin families after my reports.

Back in Milwaukee, there will probably never be a fancy office or someone to do my hair and makeup, but I think I get something a lot more important.

Thanks for watching and caring.

Recent Articles
  • avery investigation still

    “She might know who the killer is:” Excitement in Manitowoc as group waits for motion filing in Avery case

    MANITOWOC — On Thursday, August 25th, a group of supporters and representatives from the media were camped out near the Manitowoc County Courthouse — waiting for documents to be filed in the Steven Avery case. An important deadline is approaching. Steven Avery’s attorney has until Monday, August 29th to file a motion in his case, but FOX6 News is hearing she may do it sooner. The Netflix docuseries “Making A Murderer” put Avery back in the headlines, and now, it’s […]

  • Michael McCoy III

    Mother speaks out after son died near 40th & Wright: “If you have children, put screens on windows”

    MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee police are investigating after a two-and-a-half-year-old boy was found dead by family members Tuesday, August 23rd near 40th and Wright — at his grandmother’s house. Terry Harris-Lockhart told FOX6 News her son, Michael McCoy III crawled feet first through a first-floor window, when the window sash crashed onto the boy’s head, killing him. “He just loved to go outside. Loved to play. Loved to run,” Harris-Lockhart said. On Tuesday afternoon, Michael McCoy III may have had running and […]

  • Ronnie

    Excessive force claim filed against officer who shot Sylville Smith 2 days before fatal shooting

    MILWAUKEE — FOX6 News has learned the officer who shot and killed Sylville Smith near 44th and Auer on August 13th has a claim filed against him with the city of Milwaukee for allegedly using excessive force during an arrest. That claim was filed just two days before the officer shot Smith. “I was terrified,” Ronnie, who asked that FOX6 only use his first name, said. Ronnie filed the notice of claim and injury with the City of Milwaukee Attorney’s Office […]

  • Morgan Geyser

    Morgan Geyser to plead not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect

    WAUKESHA COUNTY — Morgan Geyser, one of two girls accused of trying to sacrifice a classmate to horror character Slenderman, plans to plead not guilty due to a mental disease or defect.  That development came about in Waukesha County court on Friday, August 19th. The other girl accused in this case, Anissa Weier, is not making the same plea — but that could change in the future. Geyser will be evaluated by two psychiatrists — both court-appointed. One of the psychiatrists […]

  • Sherman Park

    Man who knows both Milwaukee officer and Sylville Smith speaks out: “They both were not bad guys”

    MILWAUKEE — Social media posts are lighting up with comments and opinions about the Milwaukee police officer who shot Sylville Smith, and about Smith himself. One local man doesn’t know if the officer and Smith knew each other or crossed paths before one shot the other, but they had a few things in common — including Sawi Perry as a friend. “I think the image of both parties are being tarnished,” said Perry. Sawi Perry, is a National Guardsman and […]

  • promo295736859

    There are signs of healing, progress in Milwaukee’s Sherman Park neighborhood

    MILWAUKEE — There are now signs of healing and progress in Milwaukee’s Sherman Park neighborhood. It was clearly evident on Wednesday, August 17th. Right across the street from the burned out BP gas station destroyed in an arson fire when rioting broke out, FOX6 News was witness to a community group focusing on positive role models for children. Music and free haircuts were provided for kids in the neighborhood. “We believe there was two groups — the protesters and the […]

  • Gov. Walker meets with faith-based leaders in Milwaukee

    “We’ve got to find better ways:” Faith-based leaders try to keep the peace in Sherman Park

    MILWAUKEE — Gov. Scott Walker visited a Milwaukee church on Tuesday morning, August 16th. He along with other city officials agree on one thing that is working to help keep the calm in the Sherman Park neighborhood. It is the efforts of church leaders and the faith-based community. “My belief is the individuals involved in this weren’t reacting as a protest — but  were reacting for other reasons. When you burn down property you are point-blank criminal,” said Gov. Walker. The governor […]

  • Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and Chief Ed Flynn speak to reporters

    Curfew for teens will be more strictly enforced in Milwaukee; “This is not the place where you go to gawk”

    MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn and Mayor Tom Barrett held a news conference on Monday morning, August 15th to update the public on their handling of the unrest that has been happening in the city’s Sherman Park neighborhood. One of the points driven home by the mayor was that the 10:00 p.m. weekday curfew for teenagers in the City of Milwaukee will be more strictly enforced. “So parents, after 10:00 p.m., your teenagers better be home or in […]

  • business

    “That’s robbing me:” Landlord accused of keeping money from potential property tenants

    MILWAUKEE — A daycare business, a tax preparer, a barbershop. Three businesses that want to set up shop in Milwaukee’s central city. The owners even paid a landlord thousands of dollars. In the end, they say they are stuck holding their bags and out their money. There’s not a lot of business going on at a commercial building near 38th and Villard. But there’s plenty of outrage from business owners. “He’s running electricity from a private residence to a commercial building,” […]

  • FBI, other agencies execute search warrant on Milwaukee business near 55th & Florist

    $268M in contracts: Documents shed new light on investigation into alleged fraud by Milwaukee companies

    MILWAUKEE — A federal investigation into several Milwaukee businesses is underway. FOX6 News has acquired federal documents that shed new light on this investigation. The allegation is that several businesses landed around $268 million in government contracts because they claimed to be owned by minorities and disabled veterans. Government officials say it was all a fraud. Agents with the Department of Defense, the Department of Veterans Affairs, the U.S. Small Business Administration, the U.S. Army CID and the General Services […]

  • Christine Sinicki/Julie Meyer

    “This race was very personal:” Assembly incumbent files restraining order against opponent’s husband

    MILWAUKEE — FOX6 News has learned Christine Sinicki, a candidate for Wisconsin Assembly, has filed a restraining order against the husband of her opponent. A recent fundraiser at Humboldt Park near Howell and Oklahoma in Milwaukee for Sinicki resulted in court action. “This race was very personal. I’ve never dealt with an election like this before,” Sinicki said. Sinicki, the incumbent state representative from Wisconsin Assembly District 20 went to police after a confrontation with her opponent, Julie Meyer’s husband at […]

  • Billie Hill

    1 shot & killed, 1 stabbed to death near 36th & Congress: “We cannot keep having this go on in our city”

    MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee police are investigating a double homicide that happened in the area of 36th and Congress around 3:30 a.m. Tuesday, August 9th. Two men were killed at a home in the area. Police say a 44-year-old man was shot during circumstances that remain under investigation.  He died at the scene. He has been identified by police as Billy Hill. Another man, age 25, was stabbed and transported to a hospital by an unknown person. He died at the hospital. He […]


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