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People ask me what it's like to be a TV reporter. There's no private office. There's no one who does my hair and makeup.

But I can tell you it's one of the best jobs in the world. That's why I consider myself lucky to have been doing it for more than thirty years in Wisconsin.

Every day, reporters get to go places they might never see otherwise. I've had the opportunity to interview presidents, movie stars, and every day people doing extraordinary things. Then I get to write about it and share it.

I started learning to write in Sherman grade school in Milwaukee. Then I continued writing for the Nicolet High School Knight's Page. I later went to UW-Madison. While in college I worked at the Wisconsin State Capitol, as a legislative page and aide to a State Senator. After graduating the journalism program, I worked for WISM radio in Madison and WKOW-TV in Madison. Then I got the chance to come back home to Milwaukee to work for WITI-TV6.

Through the years I've been honored with numerous reporting awards from the Wisconsin Press Club, Associated Press, Wisconsin Broadcasters' Award and even an Emmy for a documentary on domestic violence. There was also a Citizen Award from the Milwaukee Police Department for helping to catch a couple of robbers. But the true reward is realizing that somehow I might have helped someone.

An unbelievable opportunity for that realization was when I traveled to Romania three times to report on orphans that were available for adoption. 200 abandoned children were adopted by Wisconsin families after my reports.

Back in Milwaukee, there will probably never be a fancy office or someone to do my hair and makeup, but I think I get something a lot more important.

Thanks for watching and caring.

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    MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Dramatic video tells part of the story. On Monday, July 28th — a Milwaukee County judge told the rest. 41-year-old Kevin Hutchins was sentenced to nine-and-a-half years in prison — plus another five years of extended supervision. This, after he pleaded guilty in June to leading Sheriff’s deputies on a dramatic high-speed chase in Milwaukee County in October 2013. Hutchins faced a long list of charges in the case. He pleaded guilty to three of them — […]

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    Shoot…or don’t shoot? New rules, training proposed for police officers for when they come in contact with dogs

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    Attack against violent gangs: FBI, Milwaukee police team up for early morning raid

    MILWAUKEE (WITI) — It was another attack against violent gangs — and the crime they bring to Milwaukee’s streets. The FBI joined forces with Milwaukee police on Friday, July 18th to raid several houses and arrest suspected gang members — and FOX6 News was with them for an exclusive look at what happened. Armed with search warrants and months of investigation, officials believe they are rounding up some big fish drowning city neighborhoods in violence. “These gangs are involved in […]

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    Not guilty: Zelich enters plea on two charges of hiding a corpse in “bodies in suitcases” case

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    MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Children are crossing the border into the United States by the thousands to escape violence in South America. It has been happening since October, and Wisconsin is being called on to help shelter some of them. If and when that will happen is still up in the air, but a move to bring some of those children to Arizona on Tuesday, July 15th is causing conflict. On Tuesday, reaction was quick as dozens of protesters on both […]

  • Sierra Guyton

    “Just put the guns down:” Sierra Guyton’s mother calls for end to violence after daughter passes away

    MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Nearly two months after she was shot in the head while playing on a playground near 28th and Clarke — just feet from her home, 10-year-old Sierra Guyton passed away this weekend. She was pronounced dead at Children’s Hospital at 1:35 a.m. Sunday, July 13th. A vigil was held for Monday evening in Sierra’s honor. “She was a very happy child and I am going to miss her very much,” Lois Sneed said. The kids in Room 26 […]

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    Back in jail: Years ago, a sex offender wrote “Dear Abby” about his fantasies, so what now?

    MILWAUKEE (WITI) — 40-year-old Paul Weiser, a registered sex offender, has been out of jail on supervision living on the Milwaukee’s south side. New charges came down on Friday, July 11th, and Weiser is back serving time. Brandie Chidester knows what it’s like to live across the street from a registered child sex offender, having two children herself. “We had to live with this for the last eight, twelve years,” says Chidester. “Kids always had to stay in the back. They’re […]