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People ask me what it’s like to be a TV reporter. There’s no private office. There’s no one who does my hair and makeup.

But I can tell you it’s one of the best jobs in the world. That’s why I consider myself lucky to have been doing it for more than thirty years in Wisconsin.

Every day, reporters get to go places they might never see otherwise. I’ve had the opportunity to interview presidents, movie stars, and every day people doing extraordinary things. Then I get to write about it and share it.

I started learning to write in Sherman grade school in Milwaukee. Then I continued writing for the Nicolet High School Knight’s Page. I later went to UW-Madison. While in college I worked at the Wisconsin State Capitol, as a legislative page and aide to a State Senator. After graduating the journalism program, I worked for WISM radio in Madison and WKOW-TV in Madison. Then I got the chance to come back home to Milwaukee to work for WITI-TV6.

Through the years I’ve been honored with numerous reporting awards from the Wisconsin Press Club, Associated Press, Wisconsin Broadcasters’ Award and even an Emmy for a documentary on domestic violence. There was also a Citizen Award from the Milwaukee Police Department for helping to catch a couple of robbers. But the true reward is realizing that somehow I might have helped someone.

An unbelievable opportunity for that realization was when I traveled to Romania three times to report on orphans that were available for adoption. 200 abandoned children were adopted by Wisconsin families after my reports.

Back in Milwaukee, there will probably never be a fancy office or someone to do my hair and makeup, but I think I get something a lot more important.

Thanks for watching and caring.

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