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People ask me what it’s like to be a TV reporter. There’s no private office. There’s no one who does my hair and makeup.

But I can tell you it’s one of the best jobs in the world. That’s why I consider myself lucky to have been doing it for more than thirty years in Wisconsin.

Every day, reporters get to go places they might never see otherwise. I’ve had the opportunity to interview presidents, movie stars, and every day people doing extraordinary things. Then I get to write about it and share it.

I started learning to write in Sherman grade school in Milwaukee. Then I continued writing for the Nicolet High School Knight’s Page. I later went to UW-Madison. While in college I worked at the Wisconsin State Capitol, as a legislative page and aide to a State Senator. After graduating the journalism program, I worked for WISM radio in Madison and WKOW-TV in Madison. Then I got the chance to come back home to Milwaukee to work for WITI-TV6.

Through the years I’ve been honored with numerous reporting awards from the Wisconsin Press Club, Associated Press, Wisconsin Broadcasters’ Award and even an Emmy for a documentary on domestic violence. There was also a Citizen Award from the Milwaukee Police Department for helping to catch a couple of robbers. But the true reward is realizing that somehow I might have helped someone.

An unbelievable opportunity for that realization was when I traveled to Romania three times to report on orphans that were available for adoption. 200 abandoned children were adopted by Wisconsin families after my reports.

Back in Milwaukee, there will probably never be a fancy office or someone to do my hair and makeup, but I think I get something a lot more important.

Thanks for watching and caring.

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    MILWAUKEE — A shootout on Milwaukee’s northwest side has left a neighborhood shaken. It also leaves a 20-year-old woman injured. People in the area say they frequently hear gunfire. Friday morning, November 17th, the shootout went on for several blocks. “There was two different guns, so you know there was two different shooters,” said Gwendolyn Davis, neighbor. Gwendolyn Davis heard the shootout around 1:45 a.m. Milwaukee police rushed to the scene after one of the vehicles involved stopped in the parking […]

  • “That intersection…horribly dangerous:” Woman struck by vehicle, killed near 99th and Bluemound

    WAUWATOSA — A driver struck and killed a 56-year-old woman crossing the street near 99th and Bluemound Wednesday morning, November 15th. Milwaukee police are investigating the circumstances, but it appears the victim may have been in the crosswalk when she was hit by a vehicle driven by a 72-year-old man. Due to the concern about high traffic, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) installed a traffic light at the intersection a few years ago. Some say drivers don’t always obey […]

  • “You took part of my heart:” Vigil held for man murdered while driving near 29th and Hampton

    MILWAUKEE — The community is trying to comfort a chaplain mourning a loss of her own. A vigil was held Tuesday, November 14th for 23-year-old Donovan Hines, who was shot and killed a day earlier while driving near 29th and Hampton. Chaplains with the Milwaukee Police Department and Salvation Army gathered near the scene of the shooting. They prayed with the mother of one of Milwaukee’s most recent homicides. Early Monday morning, police say Hines was driving a car when […]

  • Son of chaplain who helps amid tragedy killed in shooting, crash: “I wasn’t able to protect mine”

    MILWAUKEE — She works to help others experiencing tragedy, and now, a chaplain who works with the Milwaukee Police Department is facing tragedy firsthand. She lost her 23-year-old son in a shooting early Monday, November 13th. Brenda Hines went through chaplaincy training to help others. Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn gave her a certificate to start counseling, and now, her son is one of the city’s most recent murder victims. The fatal shooting happened shortly before 1:00 a.m. near 29th and […]

  • “Turning point for southeast Wisconsin:” Gov. Scott Walker, Foxconn leader sign plant contract

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  • Jury says man convicted in triple homicide was insane, but able to conform behavior to law

    MILWAUKEE COUNTY — A jury reached a verdict Thursday afternoon, November 9th in the case involving a March 2016 triple homicide. Dan Popp has been convicted in the case. The jury had to decide whether he’ll go to prison or a mental institution — and ruled he was mentally ill at the time of the crime, but said he was able to conform his behavior to the law. The jury began deliberating Thursday morning. The defense and prosecution will now […]

  • Insane or racist? Jury weighs prison vs. institution for man convicted in triple homicide

    MILWAUKEE COUNTY — There was a large presence from the Hmong community at a triple homicide trial in Milwaukee Wednesday, November 8th. Dan Popp killed three people, including a Hmong couple in March of 2016 at a West Allis apartment building. A jury will now determine whether he was insane at the time. The jury began deliberating Thursday morning. Many in the courtroom watched the proceedings with skepticism. Some from the Hmong community believe Popp was racist, not insane when […]

  • “Searching for remains:” Sheriff’s officials hopeful they can bring closure to Lynn Rickard’s family

    KANSASVILLE — The search for 59-year-old Lynn Rickard, missing from Kansasville since June 25th, resumed Monday, November 6th — with hope that fall’s decrease in foliage might reveal clues. “Well if they do find her, then it’s all over, you know? I’m hoping somebody picked her up and there would be a chance she’s still alive, you know?” John Rickard, Lynn’s husband said. “The hope today is to bring closure to the Lynn Rickard family,” Racine County Sheriff Christopher Schmaling […]

  • “Foliage is reduced:” Search for Lynn Rickard, missing since June 25th, continues

    RACINE COUNTY — The search for Lynn Rickard, missing since June 25th, continues Monday, November 6th — when officials with the Racine County Sheriff’s Office and Kansasville Fire Department will look for Rickard beginning at 11:00 a.m. in the Kansasville area. Sheriff’s officials noted Sunday several large-scale searches have been conducted since  Rickard’s disappearance — which included areas in Kenosha County. The Racine Sheriff’s Office has utilized multiple Fire and EMS resources throughout the region. The search has also been […]

  • Gov. Scott Walker quickly signs bill aimed at fentanyl analogs: “This law will help”

    MADISON –- Gov. Scott Walker signed a bill on Friday, November 3rd aimed at deadly opioids known as fentanyl analogs. Fentanyl is a drug that can be 50 times stronger than heroin. Mixed with heroin, it has quickly left a trail of death behind in Wisconsin. In the City of Milwaukee, there were 145 fatal overdoses so far this year. Fentanyl deaths in our area are outpacing heroin deaths. The bill Walker signed was passed just Thursday night in the Assembly. […]

  • Family of man killed by law enforcement files federal lawsuit: “He didn’t fire no gun”

    WEST ALLIS — As the investigation into the March officer-involved shooting of Jermaine Claybrooks continues, his family has taken their case to federal court. Some of the officers involved have been cleared, while decisions are pending as it relates to some others. Claybrooks’ family says the father of two shouldn’t have been killed on March 16th near 19th and Stark. According to the family, three Milwaukee police officers have pleaded the fifth — exercising their right to stay silent in […]

  • “I need to know what happened:” Mother pleads for answers after son found murdered in burned garage

    MILWAUKEE — The murder of a young man, whose body was found after a garage fire on October 25th near 45th and North, remains unsolved. A vigil for 20-year-old Dajon Grissett was held Wednesday, November 1st. This was not only a homicide, but it seems as if the murderer was trying hard to cover their tracks. “The way they did him, no one on the face of this earth deserves what they did to my baby,” said Louise Grissett, Dajon’s […]