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  • Connected pet gear helps you feed, play from afar

    A look at connected pet gear that lets you feed and play with your four-legged friend from anywhere in the world. Connected devices are everywhere and pets are no exception. Take a look at these items that make being a pet owner easier. FitBark 2, $70 This is like a FitBit for your dog! Track activity and sleep and see the results on a smartphone app. Petnet SmartFeeder, $150 This is a WiFi connected smart feeding system that never forgets […]

  • Restaurants begin to embrace pay at the table technology

    Slowly, restaurants are adopting new technology that lets you pay directly at your table so your card never leaves your hand. Go to a restaurant in Europe or Asia and chances are they’ll settle your tab table side. A waiter will walk up with a mobile machine that lets them dip your card and take your payment instantly. Here in the US, you rarely see this sort of technology in action. Subscribe to the Rich on Tech podcast for a daily dose […]

  • 4 apps to deliver the perfect Valentine’s Day

    Arrange the perfect Valentine’s day date in minutes with these apps that can help you get everything delivered – from flowers to massages. Flowers, food, wine and a massage. Sounds like a pretty good Valentine’s Day! These apps can help you deliver a great experience for your date with minimal effort. Follow KTLA Tech Reporter Rich DeMuro on Facebook or Twitter for cool apps, tech tricks & tips! Flowers from The Bouqs Company Get amazingly fresh flowers delivered from The Bouqs Company! This is flower startup […]

  • Apple HomePod Smart Speaker: Great sound, but competition does more

    Apple’s HomePod smart speaker didn’t arrive in time for the holidays, but it’s on sale now. It produces excellent sound but you’re paying a premium over other speakers that can do more. Follow KTLA Tech Reporter Rich DeMuro on Facebook or Twitter for cool apps, tech tricks & tips!

  • VAVA Dash Cam: Useful features, great design and affordable price tag

    VAVA Dash Cam is the camera that you’ll actually want to have in your car. Plus, check out my code that brings the price to under $100! Many of the dash cams I’ve seen are the same – unattractive little black boxes with a maze of menu options and confusing setups. VAVA Dash Cam is immediately different because it actually has a great design – and a connected mobile app that makes modifying settings and downloading clips super simple. In fact, there […]

  • Digitize old photos fast at home with this high-speed scanner

    Get out those old shoeboxes! A fast photo scanner from Epson helps you digitize those precious prints that are currently collecting dust. My Mom loves her old photos! With 5 kids and a handful of grandkids, she has plenty of them. Problem is, they mostly sit in boxes in the garage because she’s too worried about anyone touching the prints. I’ve been bugging her for years to send the photos out to be scanned, but she’s concerned about sending them through the […]

  • Check engine light on? This gadget tells you what’s wrong in seconds

    A check engine light is enough to frazzle any driver! There’s a new gadget that helps you figure out what is going on with your car in seconds. When we see that check engine light, we fear the worst. A trip to the mechanic. A giant repair bill. Follow KTLA Tech Reporter Rich DeMuro on Facebook or Twitter for cool apps, tech tricks & tips! Now, a new gadget called FIXD wants to help! The $60 device wants to help consumers better understand what is going […]

  • Fun Amazon Alexa voice commands

    Amazon Echo does everything from playing music to answering your questions but it also has some cool tricks enabled like being your personal trainer, or read a bedtime story to your kids. Follow KTLA Tech Reporter Rich DeMuro on Facebook or Twitter for cool apps, tech tricks & tips!

  • Super deals for the big game

    Slickdeals shares their best deals for Super Bowl Sunday! Use their website to find discounts on everything from big screen TV’s to pizza. If you watch Tech Smart regularly, you know that Slickdeals.net is one of my first stops each morning! Their website lists all of the current best deals on the web for a variety of products. How do you know they’re a good deal? Millions of members post what they find and others vote up their favorites. Here are some […]

  • Simplisafe: The DIY home security system has some upgrades

    Simplisafe has been around for several years now… The company is known for it’s DIY home security system you install yourself. Recently the company unveiled some major upgrades to their system – here’s a look. You can install this DIY home security system. “What we saw was an industry not serving its customers terribly well,” Chad Laurans said. Chad Laurans is founder and CEO of Simplisafe. We’re at the their tiny home outfitted with the company’s latest, third generation system. […]

  • iHeartRadio adds smart speaker skills to listen in more ways

    iHeartRadio adds more ways to listen to their 850 local radio stations, artist radio and more! We all had a favorite radio station growing up. For me, it’s Z100 in New York City. Even though I now live in Los Angeles, there are still plenty of ways to listen thanks to iHeartRadio. The platform has just about every local radio station you can imagine, plus various other streaming stations, podcasts and more Recently, I chatted with Michele Laven, President of Strategic Partnerships […]

  • Robot duck helps kids with cancer

    Great gadgets were on display at CES in Las Vegas, but one in particular caught my eye, a toy duck that looks like your typical stuffed animal. It turns out it was actually a robot to help kids dealing with cancer. Follow KTLA Tech Reporter Rich DeMuro on Facebook or Twitter for cool apps, tech tricks & tips! We talked to Aflac about their robotic stuffed animal called the “My Special Aflac Duck.” The company worked with robotics firm Sproutel to create a companion to […]