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    Has he got a deal for you! Fortune cookie maker who owes millions is seeking another investor

    HUSTISFORD — He’s the “kind of guy who could sell ice cubes to Eskimos.”  That’s how an elderly Wisconsin couple describes the man who promised them amazing returns on their money, but left them in a desperate financial bind. Timothy McQuiston has a lot of big ideas, but they always seem to cost other people big money. His latest venture? Fortune cookies shaped like tacos and cannolis. He tapped friends and acquaintances for millions of dollars in loans, but after […]

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    Nurses steal drugs, put patients at risk

    MILWAUKEE — In Wisconsin, impaired nurses are putting patients at risk — and it can be deadly. A FOX6 review of state discipline records shows 104 Wisconsin nurses have been disciplined in just the last two years for either stealing narcotics or being high or drunk on the job. And those are just the nurses who have been caught. In one case, a patient died. “We are proactively looking at this,” says Steven Rush, Vice President of Workforce and Clinic Practice […]

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    Aerial trespassing? Local battle over drone use highlights patchwork of laws and regulations

    RICHFIELD —  So you want a drone for Christmas?  You’re not alone. The federal government expects up to one million Americans to buy one of the remote-controlled aerial vehicles this holiday season. And the FAA is worried about what that means for the safety of the nation’s airspace. But there’s another big concern — beyond safety — that’s still up in the air. It was near a densely wooded path that circles the outer perimeter of Danah Zoulek’s land in […]

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    Back in court for his 48th adult criminal case, the ‘Moving Menace’ tries the insanity defense

    MILWAUKEE — There are criminals. And then there are career criminals. Daniel Berczyk is a relentless thief, but apparently not a very good one. After all, he’s been caught so many times, you could wallpaper a house with his mugshots. He’s been the subject of numerous FOX6 investigations over the years and he’s back in the spotlight again. You don’t have to tell Daniel Berczyk he’s a “menace to society.” He called himself one 14 years ago at a sentencing hearing for […]

  • Sign

    FOX6 hidden cameras expose questionable tactics of high-dollar matchmaking service

    ELM GROVE —  Here we go again? It took years for the FOX6 Investigators to shut down a  local dating service that was lying to consumers and pressuring them into signing expensive contracts. That investigation led to a state lawsuit and a quarter of a million dollars in restitution for victims. Now, there’s a new dating service in town with a sales pitch that sounds eerily familiar. It starts with a telemarketing phone call, and then an invitation to an Elm […]

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    Woman exposes sex abuse cover-up at prestigious school; principal has ‘no memory’ of abuse report

    MEQUON — She’s kept it secret for more than 40 years. Now, a Mequon woman is telling her story of sexual abuse at the hands of a seventh-grade teacher. So what finally prompted her to come forward after all these years? Her name is Joanna Jastram. She is one of 13 women who helped expose one of the most egregious child sex abuse cover-ups you will ever hear about. It all happened more than 6,000 miles away at a prestigious private school in Japan. But it’s […]

  • Double Up, Inc.

    Justice for veterans after FOX6 investigation: $41K judgment issued against man behind bogus fundraiser

    WAUKESHA —  Another FOX6 investigation gets results! Three years after we exposed a bogus fundraiser for injured veterans, the state is wrapping up its case against the man behind the operation. But that may not be the end of this story. When it comes to double crossing military veterans, it’s hard to top Brian Michaud. “This is one of the most alarming cases we’ve seen,” Lisa Schiller with the Wisconsin Better Business Bureau said. In 2011, Michaud sold ads for a coupon […]

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    Bluff failures accelerate near Concordia University years after jury finds rock wall a ‘nuisance’

    MEQUON — Lake Michigan bluffs are disappearing at an alarming rate and so are the beaches below them. Now, at least one coastal engineer says the problem could be headed toward Milwaukee, unless something is done to stem the tide. FOX6 Investigator Bryan Polcyn reports a multi-million dollar project meant to preserve the bluffs could be part of the problem. Ten years ago, Concordia University embarked on project meant to protect its lakefront campus in Mequon from rapidly eroding bluffs. […]

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    The never-ending lawsuit? School district legal tab tops $186,000 over pond of water

    FREDONIA —  It’s the lawsuit that won’t seem to go away.  And the bill for taxpayers keeps on climbing. For the third consecutive summer, FOX6 Investigator Bryan Polcyn shows you how a battle between neighbors is still sending money meant for school children down the drain. After spending more than $150,000 of taxpayer money chasing after an $8,300 dollar repair bill, the Northern Ozaukee School District finally dropped its own case last year. So why were they back in court […]

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    Kids in crisis: Suicide among young people in Southeast Wisconsin on the rise

    RACINE —  More kids in Wisconsin are killing themselves. Suicide, especially among young people, is a public health crisis that affects all of us. After an extensive review of medical examiner reports in Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha, and Waukesha counties, we’ve calculated that in the last five years in Southeast Wisconsin 71 kids and teenagers have died by suicide. Some were as young as 11 years-old. Seven young people have already taken their lives in 2015. Cameron Langrell, a 15-year-old freshman […]

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    “They’re like bandits!” In the middle of the night, towing company takes cars, shocks drivers with new fees

    MILWAUKEE — In the middle of the night, cars are disappearing from private parking lots all over Milwaukee. They’re not being stolen. They’re being towed away. One company is towing far more cars from private property than anyone else. And their bill could leave you with a bad case of sticker shock. $380 is a lot of money. For that price, you could: Buy a pair of tickets to see the Packers host the Chiefs at Lambeau Field in September […]

  • HitTheRoad

    “Are you a doctor?” Former patients accuse optician of doing eye exams without a license

    KENOSHA — They say the eyes are like windows to the soul. Would you trust just anyone to examine your eyes? FOX6 Investigator Bryan Polcyn has a word of caution before you make your next eye appointment. A local optician is accused of doing eye exams without a license. The first complaint came in 21 years ago. He’s still in business today. And when it comes to being a threat to the public, FOX6’s investigation finds there may be more […]


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