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  • High-risk criminals on state supervision often avoid revocation despite serious or ongoing violations

    MILWAUKEE — Rules are rules, but criminals who break them don’t always pay the price.  Even when they break them over and over again. The FOX6 Investigators found more than two-thirds of offenders accused of violating their probation or state supervision do not go to prison. One of the first things they tell criminals on probation or extended supervision is the rules they need to follow. Don’t drink or do drugs. Show up for your appointments. Don’t get arrested again. […]

  • “Frustrating, inefficient and slow:” $200K library book sorter still can’t sort books

    WAUKESHA — It’s inefficient, slow and keeps breaking down, but the government agency that bought the nearly $200,000 automated book-sorting machine insists taxpayers are getting their money’s worth. Even though the book sorter still can’t sort books. When time is short and you have places to be, a drive-up book drop at the library makes a lot of sense. “I really don’t want to take all three kids out of their car seats, drag them into the library to return […]

  • “Pimps are stopping traffic!” South side Milwaukee alderman says ’24/7′ prostitution is out of control

    MILWAUKEE— They call them ‘ladies of the night,’ but in one Milwaukee neighborhood, prostitutes are doing business in broad daylight. Now, one Milwaukee alderman is so fed up, he’s planning to use private security to do what he says police will not. For years, 8th Ditrict Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan has been harping on police to do more about drugs and prostitution on the city’s near south side; still, he says it’s never been as blatant as it is right […]

  • “It’s a pattern!” Drunk-driving neurosurgeon still practicing despite conviction and complaints about temper

    BROOKFIELD—  It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out drinking and driving is dangerous.  So it’s all the more troubling when a repeat drunk  driver turns out to be an actual neurosurgeon.  FOX6 Investigators show you what happened after a Milwaukee doctor’s latest arrest and why one patient thinks the system is letting her off the hook. It was March 2nd, 2016. Patients at Aurora-St. Lukes Medical Center were prepped and ready for surgery, but their surgeon was sitting […]

  • State allows doctor accused of ‘very serious’ sexual misconduct to retire without investigation

    MADISON — A doctor is accused of sexual misconduct, but his case was kept secret. Until now. The doctor is a 40-year veteran of the medical profession — the last 21 spent in internal medicine at the University of Wisconsin Hospital in Madison. Earlier this year, he retired at the age of 67.  Were it not for a FOX6 Investigators inquiry, no one would have told you why. When FOX6 Investigator Bryan Polcyn found Dr. Michael Thom doing yard work […]

  • “Absolute scumbag!” Phony Marine could be ‘poster child’ for state’s stolen valor law

    MILWAUKEE — He claimed to have served our country for 22 years until a FOX6 investigation exposed him as a liar. Now, police are seeking criminal charges against a phony Marine in a case that could make Wisconsin history. It’s a crime in Wisconsin to falsely claim military service in order to gain any kind of tangible benefit. But while the state’s so-called ‘stolen valor’ law has been in place for nearly two years, the lawmaker who wrote the bill is […]

  • “Oh! Jesus!:” Rats among 22 violations found at house owned by city alderman

    MILWAUKEE — A Milwaukee mother of four just wanted a place to call home. What she found instead kept her up at night, fearing for her children’s safety. But it’s what her landlord did about the complaints that prompted her to call FOX6 Investigators. “I’m sick of living here,” Patrina Shackleford told a FOX6 News producer, as she gave him a tour of her apartment on North 22nd Street in Milwaukee’s central city. She stopped to show us the rodent-droppings […]

  • Non-profit gives heroin addicts 4-million needles to combat surge in Hepatitis C

    MILWAUKEE — You can’t get free crack pipes in Wisconsin, but you can get as many heroin needles as you want. In fact, if you call one local non-profit, they’ll deliver the needles right to you. It may sound like it goes against common sense. As the heroin crisis rages on, why give addicts the very tools they need to shoot up? The answer lies in a deadly disease that thousands of Wisconsin residents are carrying right now and may […]

  • “It’s overwhelming!” Staffing shortage prompts 911 call and walkout at troubled assisted living center

    BEAVER DAM — $4,000 per month. That’s roughly the mortgage payment for an $800,000 house. It is also the going rate for a one-bedroom, assisted living apartment in Wisconsin. Whatever you expect for that kind of money, you probably don’t expect your loved one to be yelled at, laughed at, or left sitting on a toilet, unattended, for hours. All of those things have happened to residents at Prairie Ridge Assisted Living. What happened a few weeks ago led to […]

  • Homeless gambler claims he lost thousands on ‘illegal’ gas station machines

    MILWAUKEE — The City of Milwaukee is pulling the plug on video slot machines at a local gas station. At least, temporarily. The state says the machines are against the law, but one customer was playing them so often, it’s like he practically lived there. Nate Garski is a convicted felon, a former drug addict, and a self-described alcoholic who showed up to meet FOX6 Investigator Bryan Polcyn with a Styrofoam cup full of beer in his hand. “A guy […]

  • “Well, they sure screwed up here:” Appeals judges grill Milwaukee police, sheriff about inmate death

    MILWAUKEE — Federal appeals judges are questioning how Milwaukee police and sheriff personnel handled an inmate who died on the jail floor in 2010. James Perry, who routinely suffered seizures, died in the booking area of the Milwaukee County Jail. During oral arguments in the civil rights case his family later filed, federal appeals judges raised questions about who should be held accountable when inmates die in Milwaukee. Police thought James Perry was just complaining. His mother says he was […]

  • Foster parents concerned companies driving foster kids not safe

    MILWAUKEE— A FOX6 investigation finds the state might be allowing dangerous transportation for Milwaukee children in foster care. When kids get placed in foster care, their biological parents may still have a right to see them, so visits are court ordered and scheduled.  How they get to and from those visits is now being questioned by foster parents who say they’re worried about car seat safety. When Barbara Abraham retired from nursing last year, it didn’t mean she would stop […]