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    Former Milwaukee podiatrist settles misconduct lawsuit for $15,000

    MILWAUKEE — A slap on the wrist.  That’s how one patient describes a settlement between the Wisconsin Attorney General’s office and a Milwaukee doctor accused of fraud. FOX6 Investigator Bryan Polcyn has details on the lawsuit that started with a FOX6 investigation and dragged on in court for more than three years. Mark Simpson mows the spacious yard on his Baraboo property without any trouble. After all, he’s on a riding mower. You’d ride a lawnmower too, if you had the […]

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    “Where did our money go?” Parents accuse booster club president of conflicts, lack of proper accounting

    KENOSHA — It’s supposed to be for the kids, but no one seems to know how much money a local football booster club has raised or what the club’s longtime president did with it. Tom Stone became President of the Bradford End Zone Club in 2007. For historical perspective, that’s the same year Bradford’s most prominent football player — Melvin Gordon — was a freshman. Gordon is not accused of any wrongdoing, but just as he launched the brightest period […]

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    One-third of police officers discharged from duty get new police jobs in Wisconsin

    EAGLE — He lied to supervisors, falsified reports and got fired from the police force.  Now a  former Milwaukee police officer is back on patrol about 45 minutes away. Fox 6 Investigators show you how he got back on patrol and why his case may not be unusual. It’s Friday afternoon and a squad car is blazing through Bay View blowing through red lights and stop signs. Nearly hitting a semi and driving over a curb. All because of a […]

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    Milwaukee property owners often not held accountable for fatal fire hazards

    MILWAUKEE — In March,  a Milwaukee child died in a house fire.  There was no working smoke detector in the home. A FOX6 analysis of Milwaukee Fire Department data and Department of Neighborhood Services records shows a single change in policy might have saved that child’s life. Two years before that fatal fire started, court records show the city of Milwaukee knew there was no working smoke detector in that home. But for two years, nobody made the landlord install one, […]

  • Ambulance

    “What’s taking so long?” Couple files complaint after call to 911 flagged as ‘non-emergency’

    MILWAUKEE— They called for emergency help, but say they got a glorified cab ride.  Now a local couple is asking the FOX6 Investigators to find out why it took so long for help to arrive. Emergency responders call it ‘siren anxiety.’ You think it’s taking too long for help to arrive because you are in a stressful situation. Our investigation finds there could be something else that’s slowing down your ambulance response. It might just be something  you said — […]

  • JohnM

    “It’s just totally wrong:” Nursing home workers share invasive pics and videos of seniors on social media

    FRIENDSHIP — It’s a good bet your grandma’s not on Snapchat. At least, not on purpose. Across the country — and in Wisconsin — young nurse aides are sharing photos and videos of elderly residents on social media, without their knowledge.  It’s invasive, embarrassing, and – in some cases – it’s a crime. John L. Miklavicic was born in 1927, the same year the first transatlantic telephone call was placed from New York to London. 87 years later, it’s a […]

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    “He probably sent them to 20 more people:” A financial crime, three arrests and a lesson for all of us

    MILWAUKEE COUNTY/RACINE COUNTY —  There is a new victim every three seconds. Nationwide, last year, 17 million people were hurt by this crime. Police rarely catch this type of crime as it happens, but FOX6’s Contact 6  got a rare look at a financial  crime in progress: identity theft. 25-year-old Detroit native Jamarr Bowens probably wishes he was anybody else right now. In fact, that’s the reason he ended up in court in the first place.  He used credit cards […]

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    “Dad taught me well:” Son of Ponzi scheme operator dodging investors and FOX6 Investigators

    WATERTOWN — The mastermind behind a $10 million Ponzi scheme is dead. More than a year later, his son is trying to dodge a swarm of angry investors. He’s also dodging questions from the FOX6 Investigators. Among the victims of the Ponzi scheme are dairy farmers, factory workers, plumbers and elementary school teachers.  They trusted their life’s savings to a man who turned out to be a liar. But what role, if any, did his son play in the scheme? […]

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    “You suck!” Local business owners want money back after advertising in Kids Directory

    MILWAUKEE— Mark Harmann’s great-grandfather started Homestead Animal Farm in Hartland 138 years ago. You might say it’s the American dream. “We love it,”  Harmann said. So do all the kids who visit each fall to see the farm in its full glory. But if you leave the farm, and head 20 miles southeast to Milwaukee you’ll see a different kind of American dream; a little magic hidden in a trailer off North 76th street at YETA Studios. “Arts are disappearing […]

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    Small businesses say they were wronged by couple running Kids’ Directory, Bright Day Cleaning

    GREEN BAY—A year ago small businesses all over the state told the FOX6 Investigators they had tried to place ads in the Kids’ Directory. “I thought ‘Hey! This is a perfect place for us to advertise,'” said Lauren Ashley, owner of YETA (Youth Empowered Through Art)  Studios in Milwaukee. Former customer Mark Harmann, who owns Homestead Animal Farm, thought the same thing. He and his wife paid for an ad during busy fall months. Those companies, like many others, paid to place […]

  • James Wolfe

    Father frustrated, searching for son after mom disappears and takes toddler

    SHEBOYGAN —  Last month a local mom was criminally charged when she took off with her kids to Georgia without informing their father. It’s a common problem in Wisconsin, but a review of court records show it’s rare for parents who take off to be held accountable. Two years ago James Wolfe became a dad. “There’s nothing like it in the world. You’re afraid at first, because you don’t know, but when you see that little baby for the first […]

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    Transgender issues are driving a wedge in LGBT community, says activist ousted from Pride Parade

    MILWAUKEE— Like it or not, America is undergoing a profound transition.  From Caitlyn Jenner to public restrooms, gender identity has taken center stage. But not everyone is happy about that. The FOX6 Investigators found some of the harshest criticism coming from a place you might never expect. When it comes to fighting for gay and lesbian rights, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more battle-tested soldier than Milwaukee’s own Miriam Ben-Shalom. “If I have to march in lock step to some […]