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Theo Keith is the political reporter for FOX6 News. He covers election campaigns, the Wisconsin Legislature, and local politics.

Theo has extensively covered the leaders of both houses of Congress — Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. He has covered two presidential candidates and four U.S. Senate races.

He previously covered the fallout from Act 10 as a reporter at WISC-TV in Madison from 2011-2013. Theo followed the historic recall of Gov. Scott Walker, Ryan’s bid for the vice presidency, and several other controversial pieces of legislation at the state Capitol.

Sandwiched between his work in Wisconsin, Theo was the political reporter for WAVE-TV in Louisville, Kentucky. He followed Sen. Rand Paul’s presidential campaign and Sen. McConnell’s ascent to majority leader. He investigated corruption at local governments, leading to multiple changes.

Theo is a proud defender of open records and open meetings laws, and believes in holding elected officials accountable.

Theo is from Saginaw, Michigan, and is a big fan of the Michigan State Spartans — though he graduated from the University of Missouri with degrees in journalism and political science. In his free time, you’ll find him on the golf course looking for his long-lost putting stroke, or in the kitchen trying a new recipe.

Recent Articles
  • Paul Nehlen, challenger to Speaker Paul Ryan, tells columnist to ‘eat a bullet’

    MADISON — House Speaker Paul Ryan’s Republican primary challenger had a busy Wednesday night on Twitter. Paul Nehlen told a columnist for the New York Post in a Twitter message to “Eat a bullet.” Nehlen lost an election to Speaker Ryan by 68 points last year. On Wednesday night, he found himself in an online battle with multiple people until close to midnight. Nehlen traded barbs while explaining his position on a gun bill passed by the U.S. House this […]

  • Homeless man with large ax shattered front windows at Intermodal Station in September

    MILWAUKEE — A homeless man who had been escorted from the Milwaukee Intermodal Station returned with a large ax and smashed three front windows in the building’s west lobby in September, according to a report provided to FOX6 News by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation on Wednesday. The incident, the latest one to surface at the Intermodal Station, happened at 1:58 a.m. September 19th. Photos included in the incident report show all three windows had gaping holes and shattered glass […]

  • No Milwaukee officials call on City Treasurer Spencer Coggs to resign in wake of sexual harassment settlement

    MILWAUKEE — A Democratic state lawmaker is the first to call on Milwaukee City Treasurer Spencer Coggs to resign after taxpayers shelled out $75,000 to settle a sexual harassment complaint against him, but no Milwaukee politician has called on Coggs to quit. Alderman Russell Stamper was clear: a $75,000 settlement dating back to Coggs’ time as a state senator did not shake his confidence in the city treasurer. “Man, don’t bring up Spencer. That’s my guy. I support Spencer. Don’t […]

  • Wisconsin DOJ: No criminal charges following John Doe leak investigation

    MADISON — The Wisconsin Department of Justice is not recommended the filing of any criminal charges following its investigation of a leak of information collected during a now-closed secret investigation into Gov. Scott Walker’s campaign. The Justice Department, led by Attorney General Brad Schimel, released results of its investigation Wednesday. Earlier this year, material from the investigation known as John Doe II appeared in The Guardian, a British publication. Although no criminal charges are recommended, the Justice Department is asking […]

  • State Rep. Josh Zepnick stripped of all committee assignments after sexual misconduct allegations

    MADISON — State Rep. Josh Zepnick was stripped Tuesday of all of his committee assignments after he was accused of drunkenly kissing two women at parties without their consent, a decision he called “unfair.” “I took one of the few disciplinary actions available to me as minority leader and removed Rep. Zepnick from his assigned committees,” Assembly Democratic Leader Gordon Hintz said in an email. “Moving forward, I will consult with members of the Assembly Democratic Caucus, as well as […]

  • Wisconsin activists call on Congress to add DACA solution to must-pass spending bill

    KENOSHA — Activists in southeastern Wisconsin say Congress should include in this week’s must-pass spending bill a long-term solution for certain young people who came to the U.S. illegally as children. Congress must pass a bill funding the government by Friday in order to avoid a government shutdown. Meanwhile,  the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, known as DACA, will end in March without congressional action. “If DACA would be repealed, it would be taking my status,” said Ilse Merlin […]

  • Taxpayers paid $75,000 to former Milwaukee lawmaker’s aide after harassment complaint

    MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee City Treasurer Spencer Coggs says he is innocent in a sexual harassment and discrimination case that ended with state taxpayers forking over $75,000 to his former aide. Coggs’ accuser received the payout in 2015 as part of a settlement with the state Legislature reached through the Department of Workforce Development’s Equal Rights Division, according to a six-page settlement provided by the state Senate’s chief clerk. The woman filed the case in 2011 against Coggs when he was […]

  • Wisconsin lawmaker says he won’t resign after women accused him of sexual misconduct

    MILWAUKEE — A Democratic state representative from Milwaukee is rejecting calls for his resignation after two women accused him of kissing them without their permission. Rep. Josh Zepnick, D-Milwaukee, hasn’t spoken publicly since news of the allegations broke Friday. The two women told The Capital Times that  Zepnick got drunk at political parties in 2011 and 2015 and kissed them. One said Zepnick was “so gross” while the other said she tried to “get away from him as soon as […]

  • Nancy Pelosi, Paul Ryan call on John Conyers to resign amid sex allegations

    WASHINGTON — House Speaker Paul Ryan and the top Democrat in the House are calling on a Michigan congressman to resign as the sexual harassment scandal widens in Congress. Paul Ryan and Nancy Pelosi agree on little. But Thursday, November 30th, they had the same message for Congressman John Conyers, a Democrat from Michigan: get out. “No one should have to go through something like that on that here in Congress, so yes, I think he should resign. And he […]

  • Speaker Ryan disagrees with nonpartisan analysis that shows GOP tax bill would add $1T to deficit

    MILWAUKEE — The Republican tax bill was in flux Thursday, November 30th hours before a planned vote, as GOP senators struggled to find agreement on how the legislation would impact business taxes and the federal deficit. The nonpartisan Joint Committee on Taxation released an estimate that the bill would add $1 trillion to the deficit over the next decade and would grow the economy by a smaller-than-expected 0.8 percent. House Speaker Paul Ryan said he disagreed with the estimate. “I […]

  • “I don’t do things like everybody else:” Ald. Tony Zielinski launches bid for Milwaukee mayor

    MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee Alderman Tony Zielinski launched his campaign for Milwaukee mayor on Wednesday, November 29th, telling reporters that jumping into the race more than 2 years before election day was the best way to win. “I’m not gonna wait a year before the election like everybody else and do the same thing like everybody else and have the city go no place,” Zielinski said from the Milwaukee Police Association headquarters. The union and two other police groups endorsed Zielinski […]

  • Dimitrijevic doesn’t deny interest in Zielinski’s aldermanic seat, says she’s focused on re-election 1st

    MILWAUKEE — With South Side Alderman Tony Zielinski announcing his bid for Milwaukee mayor on Wednesday, who will run his seat on the Common Council in 2020? County Board Supervisor Marina Dimitrijevic didn’t dispute that she was interested when reached by telephone Wednesday. “That’s a great question, and my response is, I am currently running for re-election to the county board,” Dimitrijevic said. The election for county board is in April 2018, and Dimitrijevic added, “we’ll see what the next […]