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Theo Keith is the political reporter for FOX6 News. He covers election campaigns, the Wisconsin Legislature, and local politics.

Theo has extensively covered the leaders of both houses of Congress — Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. He has covered two presidential candidates and four U.S. Senate races.

He previously covered the fallout from Act 10 as a reporter at WISC-TV in Madison from 2011-2013. Theo followed the historic recall of Gov. Scott Walker, Ryan’s bid for the vice presidency, and several other controversial pieces of legislation at the state Capitol.

Sandwiched between his work in Wisconsin, Theo was the political reporter for WAVE-TV in Louisville, Kentucky. He followed Sen. Rand Paul’s presidential campaign and Sen. McConnell’s ascent to majority leader. He investigated corruption at local governments, leading to multiple changes.

Theo is a proud defender of open records and open meetings laws, and believes in holding elected officials accountable.

Theo is from Saginaw, Michigan, and is a big fan of the Michigan State Spartans — though he graduated from the University of Missouri with degrees in journalism and political science. In his free time, you’ll find him on the golf course looking for his long-lost putting stroke, or in the kitchen trying a new recipe.

Recent Articles
  • Poll: 64% of Wisconsin voters ’embarrassed’ by President Trump’s conduct

    MILWAUKEE — Nearly two-thirds of Wisconsin voters say they’re embarrassed by President Donald Trump’s conduct in office, according to an NBC News/Marist Poll released Sunday, August 20th. The president’s approval rating has fallen to below 40 percent in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania — three states that were key to his victory in November. The poll came during another tumultuous week for President Trump, who generated controversy for saying there were “very fine people” on both sides of a white supremacist […]

  • Senate majority leader wants timeline for when Foxconn jobs will materialize

    MADISON — The Wisconsin Senate’s top Republican wants to know when the jobs Foxconn has promised to create in the state will materialize, as his chamber ponders an incentives package for the company. Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald implied that he’s getting pressure to pass the bill first and read it later. He wants to move a lot slower than fellow Republicans in the Assembly, and that got a mixed review Thursday, August 10th near one of the sites Foxconn […]

  • Wisconsin DNR chief calls Foxconn deal ‘a gift,’ but Wisconsin GOP splits on bill

    MILWAUKEE— Wisconsin’s top environmental official gave the proposed Foxconn incentives package a glowing review Wednesday, but the bill faces delays as a debate between legislative Republicans spilled over to talk radio and Twitter. The disagreement boiled over when Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald said he was unsure whether he had the votes to pass the bill. WISN/1130AM talk radio host Mark Belling ripped him, threatening “there will be hell to pay” if Republicans don’t close the deal with Foxconn. Assembly […]

  • Wisconsin legislators plan Foxconn incentives vote next week

    MADISON, Wis. — Wisconsin legislators expect to begin voting next week on Gov. Scott Walker’s $3 billion incentives bill for Taiwanese electronics giant Foxconn. Expect committee vote Tuesday on Foxconn bill, @RepSteineke now says. — Theo Keith (@TheoKeith) August 9, 2017 Assembly Majority Leader Jim Steineke, a Republican, says the Assembly’s jobs committee expects to take up the bill early next week with a floor session planned for Aug. 17. Passage would move it to the state Senate. Democrats […]

  • Sen. Johnson says GOP should shift to-do list from health care to taxes: “Need to turn our attention to that”

    WEST ALLIS — U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson says Republicans should put efforts to replace the Affordable Care Act on the back burner as they tackle other issues. Johnson’s comments come as the GOP base grows restless after the U.S. Senate failed to pass a bill to replace the Affordable Care Act. The Wisconsin senator’s position puts him at odds with President Donald Trump, who has said Republican senators would be “quitters” if they took up other matters before re-voting on […]

  • Wisconsin taxpayers would break even on Foxconn deal in 2043, state estimate shows

    MADISON — Wisconsin taxpayers wouldn’t break even on the massive Foxconn incentives package until the year 2043, according to a just-released analysis performed by the nonpartisan legislative budget analysts. The Legislative Fiscal Bureau delivered its findings to state lawmakers two days before a planned Assembly committee vote on the Foxconn bill. The legislation would provide the company $3 billion in cash in exchange for building a multi-billion dollar plant and hiring thousands of workers. Even if Foxconn lives up to […]

  • 18-year-old drowns while attempting to swim to break wall near North Pier in Kenosha

    Warning: Some of the video associated with this story may be upsetting to some. Viewer discretion is advised. KENOSHA — Rescue crews on Monday evening, August 7th were called out to Kenosha’s lakefront — where an 18-year-old man drowned. There was a heavy police presence in the area, beginning around 6:30 p.m., near North Pier in downtown Kenosha. Police said an 18-year-old was attempting to swim to the break wall with a friend when he encountered difficulty with the harbor […]

  • Wisconsin whistleblower on political campaigning by postal workers says Sen. Baldwin never responded

    MARSHFIELD — The Wisconsin man who blew the whistle on political campaigning by postal workers says U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin’s office never responded to his concerns, an accusation Baldwin’s office denies. Timm Kopp, a letter carrier from Marshfield, grew concerned that postal workers were allowed to take time off work to campaign for their unions’ preferred Democratic Party candidates, causing staff shortages. A federal investigation found the U.S. Postal Service had violated a federal law, and the agency has promised […]

  • “Had to try:” At halfway point, recall effort against Mayor Barrett short of needed signatures

    MILWAUKEE — With the recall effort against Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett at its halfway mark, the man leading the push said Sunday, August 6th that his group has collected 10,000 signatures — far short of the necessary number. “I don’t know. I can’t say,” Al Jansen said, when asked for the number of signatures collected. “I know that we’re beyond 10,000.” Jansen has previously declined interview requests about his recall effort, which has moved forward with little fanfare. The movement, […]

  • Foxconn site selection ‘imminent,’ Walker administration official says

    MADISON — Foxconn’s site selection process is “imminent” and the company will choose a location in southeastern Wisconsin site for its proposed $10 billion plant in the next couple weeks, the secretary of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation said today. “Foxconn is ready to go,” WEDC Secretary Mark Hogan said, though construction hinges on legislative approval of a $3 billion incentives package for Foxconn, and Senate Republicans said this week they want to pass a state budget first. Foxconn is considering […]

  • Exclusive: Paul Ryan expects Foxconn to build at more than one Wisconsin location

    MUKWONAGO — House Speaker Paul Ryan says he expects Taiwanese electronics giant Foxconn to build facilities at more than one location in Wisconsin. “What we are getting from Foxconn is that they are committing to Wisconsin,” Ryan said during a wide-ranging one-on-one interview with FOX6 News. “We do anticipate that there’s going to be more than just this one location in the Racine-Kenosha area.” Foxconn wants to “tap into our intellectual talent in Madison and Milwaukee,” Ryan said. He deferred […]

  • Paul Ryan hears from frustrated GOP voters in Wisconsin, says he understands

    MUKWONAGO — House Speaker Paul Ryan got an earful from frustrated Republican voters during a business tour in his district on Wednesday, August 2nd, and said he was frustrated, too. Ryan typically gets friendly questions at closed-door, employee town halls in southern Wisconsin. Yet, at mesh manufacturer Banker Wire in Mukwonago, he faced a challenge. “For eight horrible years, I heard, we don’t have control of the House, we don’t have control of the Senate, we don’t have the presidency,” […]