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I have been as blessed in my work as anyone I know; because I have been fortunate to do what I love for close to 35 years, and to do it in Milwaukee.

As a self-described “frustrated athlete who loves people”, I’ve been able to couple my passion for sports with a desire to meet men and women who have a gift to share, and, often times, a compelling story.

Having the chance to share those local stories has become as meaningful as anything I’ve been able to do-whether covering a Brewers World Series (yes, I’m old enough to have been there in 1982), or a Super Bowl, or a Rose Bowl, or a Final Four.

Over 27 years ago, I came to town to continue my sportscasting career.

At the time, I was told that Wisconsinites are wonderful folks, hard-working, honest-the kind of people you can’t fool.

It’s been a real honor to try and earn your trust for over 27 years-the past 24 at FOX 6.

I’m a Syracuse, New York native, but Milwaukee has become HOME. I love the parks, the walking and biking paths, the restaurants, getting to meet as many of you as possible.

I’m thankful that my son and daughter (ages 15 and 11), the pride and joy of my life, were born and bred here.

I never did become a Brett Favre, or a Robin Yount, or a Dwayne Wade, but I’m truly thankful for and humbled by trying to do what I do for all of you.

I wouldn’t trade it, although, I saw a pair of Gucci shoes that D. Wade had on; they were SWEET!

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    “It’s not just track:” Close bond between Tosa West track athletes, their coaches — and even coaches’ kids!

    WAUWATOSA — Years from now, the members of the Wauwatosa High School track team might struggle to remember their accomplishments — but not their relationships. Chances are, they will last a lifetime. “We have team sleepovers, team dinners — so it’s not just track,” Cheri’A Adams, Tosa West junior said. “If we ever need someone to talk to, we know that we can come to each other if we’re having problems.” Members of teams at every level often talk about […]

  • Emery's

    “It means the world:” U.S. Olympian now creates magic for others

    MILWAUKEE — Brent Emery is a hometown hero. A former U.S. Olympian, who won a silver medal in cycling at the 1984 summer games in Los Angeles. He’s a seven-time U.S.A. national champ and a local legend. Today, Brent is co-owner of Emery’s Cycling, Triathlon & Fitness in Milwaukee, and he’s making magic for kids like Nathan. “When you take a look at the amazing things that people with different abilities can do, I use the word “differently-abled” instead of disabled, because they will […]

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    “A great sport and I love doing it:” Sky is the limit for young Milwaukee area dancer

    MILWAUKEE — Some people are born to perform. Sophia Brussow has a gift that brings her joy and hopes it will bring joy to others. “I like performing in front of people,” said 10-year-old Sophia Brussow. Introducing 10-year-old Sophia Brussow. “It makes me happy and I hope it makes other people happy too. Thinking and knowing that other people care about your dancing really helps you perform and get yourself out there; so you’re not as frightened,” said Brussow. Stage fright? […]

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    GERMANTOWN — It was a downer for Tommy Gerlach to have to watch his friends play football or basketball or baseball and not be able to participate — but now, he is flying high, thanks to a sport he’s able to embrace, and a father’s love and commitment. “The adrenaline rush you get with racing motocross — you can’t beat with anything else. Jumping is probably one of the craziest feelings in the world,” Tommy Gerlach said. 16-year-old Gerlach, who […]

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    Baseball tourney memorializes young man who died after battle with muscular dystrophy

    NEW BERLIN — Muscular dystrophy took Mike Neufeldt’s  life — but it never stood a chance of taking his spirit. It’s a spirit that will live on, thanks in part to one of his biggest passions, and to some of the many people he touched. “It is always good when we see boys playing baseball at Mike Neufeldt Field. We always know Mike is smiling,” Carol Neufeldt said. There is no doubt that Carol and Ray Neufeldt’s son was watching New Berlin […]

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    “It’s a sisterhood:” American tribal belly dancing helps women regain confidence and strength

    MILWAUKEE — American tribal belly dancing is a sport that can be life-changing!  “I love it! It’s a sisterhood. I’ve never really experienced such a family feeling type activity or feeling in my life,” said Cat Stappas, an American tribal belly dancer. “I love the confidence and the feeling of security, because we all have to learn a language and follow each other and rely and count on each other to give us the right cues,” said Druanne Pierce, dancer. The […]

  • Shannon Mayweather

    Brewers Blaine Boyer fights sex slavery abroad; Convergence Resource Center helps victims in Milwaukee

    MILWAUKEE — The fight against sex slavery abroad has become a calling for Milwaukee Brewers reliever Blaine Boyer, and a local group battling the epidemic in Milwaukee. Both are trying to save lives. “When you have young boys and young women that are somewhere in this world right now that are being raped over and over and over, as bad as that is, we come back here to play a baseball game. In my human eyes, there’s something wrong with that,” Blaine […]

  • Blaine Boyer

    Brewers reliever puts his life on the line to rescue young sex slaves in Asia: “It’s heartbreaking”

    MILWAUKEE/SOUTHEAST ASIA — As a 10-year Major League veteran, Brewers relief pitcher Blaine Boyer has about everything the world has to offer — relative fame and fortune and a wonderful family. At 34 years old, he’s in a position to do whatever he wants. The sky is the limit, but Boyer has a higher calling. “When you have young boys and young women that are somewhere in this world right now that are being raped over and over and over, as […]

  • Miranda Ramirez

    “It’s wonderful:” Variety the Children’s Charity of Wisconsin thrives helping families through hard times

    MILWAUKEE — The impact of Variety the Children’s Charity of Wisconsin cannot be quantified. After all, how do you measure help, hope and joy for kids and their families during their greatest hour of need? There is nothing better on a beautiful Wisconsin day than being on a golf course. Especially when Variety Children’s Charity of Wisconsin is the beneficiary. The players on that great team have been helping youngsters reach their full potential and experience the joys of being […]

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    Six-year-old with cancer inspires world champion Energizers Dance Team: “The happiest kid alive”

    HARTFORD — They have put Hartford, Wisconsin on the map — nationally and internationally. They’ll tell you they couldn’t have done it without the love and support of a little girl who will never stop fighting. “It’s exciting walking in as a team, and you see all the flags and you say ‘oh my goodness!’ It’s just a lot of countries there, and it’s just a great experience,” Lauren Curtis said. The Energizers Dance Team has put Hartford on the […]


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