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  • Man charged with animal cruelty for dropping toy poodles from parking tower

    OAK LAWN, Ill. — An Illinois man is facing two felony counts of animal cruelty after police say he dropped two toy poodles from a parking tower at Advocate Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn over the weekend. Investigators believe 22-year-old Edward Hanania falsely claimed to be the owner of two toy poodles on a lost and found section of an area Facebook page, but when the real owner came forward, things took a turn for the worse. One of the dogs, 1-year-old Angel, […]

  • Fisherman finds GoPro that’s been in lake for three years, watches footage, returns it to owner

    PICKWICK LAKE —  A Facebook post has helped set a lost GoPro on the way back to the man who lost it in 2014. Corey Glenn was fishing on Pickwick Lake in Alabama over the weekend and reeled in an unexpected catch – a GoPro Hero 3. Glenn took the camera home and cleaned and recharged the device. He thought there was no way it would still work… until it actually turned on and the footage began downloading to the computer. The footage was […]

  • Woman in viral ‘Fake Homeless’ video arrested

    HENRICO COUNTY, Va. — A woman featured in a viral “Fake Homeless” video has been arrested in Virginia. In the video posted on YouTube, at least two men approach the woman after it appeared she was begging for money at an intersection in Henrico’s West End. The men question the woman about her homeless status after they follow her from the median where she was asking for money to her car parked nearby. After a verbal spat, the woman goes […]

  • 10-year-old raises money to buy vests for police department’s K-9s

    FRANKLIN, Indiana – Three K-9s at an Indiana police department will have some extra protection thanks to the hard work of a 10-year-old boy. Richie Scott, a fourth-grader at Creekside Elementary School in Franklin, started raising the money for protective tactical vests back in December as part of a community service project. The project was part of Richie’s testing to earn his black belt in taekwondo. “I wanted to protect those who protect me, and the whole community,” Richie told WXIN. Richie and […]

  • Denver man arrested after removing transgender woman’s testicles

    DENVER — A man without a medical license was arrested after allegedly using an Army surgical kit to remove the testicles of a transgender woman at her apartment, the Denver Police Department said. James Pennington, 57 of Denver, is alleged to have removed the testicles and sutured the opening while the woman’s wife watched the 90-minute procedure on Wednesday, May 17th, according to a probable cause statement. RELATED: Probable cause statement The surgical kit included a scalpel, Iidocaine, medical dressings […]

  • Mom who attended every class with quadriplegic son earns honorary MBA alongside him

    ORANGE, California – A mother helped realize her son’s goal of earning an MBA despite a debilitating accident that left him a quadriplegic. Over the weekend, they both earned degrees. Judy O’Connor attended every class with 29-year-old Marty O’Connor, taking notes for him as he worked toward his master’s of business administration degree at Chapman University in Orange, California, according to KTLA. Shortly after pushing Marty in his wheelchair across the stage, Judy was called out as a “special individual.” The […]

  • ‘Heartless and unforgivable’: Nuns accused of trapping, relocating family cats

    SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Cats have gone missing from a Sacramento, California neighborhood recently and two nuns have admitted to trapping and relocating some of the felines, according to KTXL. Gallant Circle in Citrus Heights is normally a cat-friendly neighborhood. But a woman says she saw something in her neighbor’s backyard that she couldn’t ignore. “And I looked through the fence to my neighbor’s yard and I see a black cat in a trap,” she said. The resident asked KTXL not to […]

  • Scary video shows 3-year-old struggling to stand after tick bite

    LA GRANDE, Ore. — Parents in Oregon recorded the terrifying moments after their daughter was left partially paralyzed from being bitten by a tick. On May 13th, Amanda Lewis’ daughter Evelyn became fussy after her bath and didn’t want to stand up. The next morning, Evelyn was still having problems standing and could barely walk, crawl, or use her arms. Afraid, Lewis and her husband decided to film a video and send it to their family to see if they had […]

  • Hot dogs recalled nationwide over reports of metal inside

    CINCINNATI — An Ohio company is recalling more than 200, 000 pounds of hot dogs after customers found “metal objects” in the meat. John Morell and Co. is recalling the 14 oz. package of “Nathan’s Skinless 8 Beef Franks” with a Use By Date of Aug. 19, 2017, and the 16 oz. package of “Curtis Beef Master Beef Franks” with a Use By Date of June 15, 2017. The products will have an “EST. 296” on the side of the package. […]

  • Hunter dies when shot elephant falls on him

    Harare, Zimbabwe — A South African big game hunter died on Friday in Zimbabwe after a fellow hunter fired his gun at an elephant causing it to collapse on him, according to multiple media reports. According to News 24, Theunis Botha, 51, was leading a group of hunters when four elephants charged the group inside the Good Luck Farm preserve in Zimbabwe. A female elephant lifted Botha with her trunk and another hunter shot her. The elephant collapsed and fell on Botha, killing […]

  • Police say ax-wielding man in mask is terrorizing kids in Arizona neighborhood

    GLENDALE, Ariz. – Police in one Arizona neighborhood are looking for a man they say was wearing a mask and threatening kids in the neighborhood, according to KTVK. It happened Wednesday afternoon in Glendale, near 67th and Glendale avenues. Police said they got the call around 1:45, and according to the kids, a tall man with a thin build hopped over a fence into the San Martin Apartments. Initial reports indicated that the suspect was also holding an ax. Police say […]

  • Fox follows woman shielding puppy into house, bites her twice

    PRINCE GEORGE COUNTY, Va. — A Virginia woman is recovering from a harrowing ordeal after she was bitten by a fox inside her home in Prince George County Saturday. Prince George County Animal Services Supervisor Job Greene told WTVR it happened Saturday afternoon when the woman rushed outside her house to save her puppy, who was being attacked by the animal. “The puppy was tethered outside in the backyard,” Greene explained. The woman managed to get the dog and run back into […]