“Green Monday” marks busiest day in FedEx company history

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MILWAUKEE -- FedEx officials say more than 17 million packages will be processed Monday, making December 12th the busiest day in company history!

FedEx drivers were on a mission Monday. Casey Bentley has been a FedEx delivery driver for over 14 years, and he spent Monday making a lot of deliveries. "On an average day, anywhere from 80 to 95 is a good day, but this time of the year, we're going to see an increase in my area. Double, minimum," Bentley said. Bentley says with the rise in popularity of online shopping, holiday package delivery numbers have only gone up.

Bentley says he likes to think of the plethora of deliveries as job security, and says it's almost like playing Santa. He shows up with gifts, and gets to know his customers, and he's nearly just as jolly! "I've been told my best asset is my smile, but that's coming right from my mother," Bentley said with a laugh.

Monday is commonly called "Green Monday," and is the day many shoppers pull out their credit cards to make sure gifts will reach their destinations in time for the holidays.