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Gas just $2.99 a gallon with cash at Kenosha station

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KENOSHA -- Gas prices around the country and in Wisconsin have been on a steady decline, with cheapest prices in the state hovering just above $3 a gallon. But at one gas station in Kenosha, the cost for unleaded is just $2.99 if you pay with cash!

Anthony Bovenzo is one of many who stopped by Lou Perrine's gas station in Kenosha to take advantage of gas for under $3 a gallon! "We made a roundabout trip to get some food, and came down to Lou Perrine's and also got some cheap gas!" Bovenzo said.

According to, the $2.99 price makes Lou Perrine's cash price the cheapest in the state. It's the result of a three month trend of dropping gas prices. "When we get a price like today where we're $2.99, people start sharing it and it's pretty exciting," Anthony Perrine said.

Gas station owners have good reason for rewarding customers who pay with cash, with lower gas prices. "They get a cheaper price, and I don't have to pay these big credit card companies ginormous fees," Perrine said. That's an offer many customers will gladly take him up on. A $.10 per gallon difference means savings of more than $1 per fill up for the average gas guzzler. "If you were to pay cash all the time, you're going to end up saving over $200 or $300 a year," Perrine said.

Perrine says he's got plenty of $2.99 a gallon gas to get through for Friday, for those who didn't get a chance to stop by Thursday.

Albuquerque, New Mexico has the cheapest gas in the nation currently, at $2.63 a gallon. The most expensive gas is at a station on Hawaii where it's $4.43 a gallon.

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