MPD making their presence known for New Year’s celebrations across city

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FOX6 went out on patrol with Milwaukee County Sheriff's Department on what they call one of the worst night to be on the roads -when it comes to drunk drivers.

Jenna Sachs went out on patrol with Deputy Steven Paar. His mission for tonight is easy: look for signs of intoxicated drivers. "No ones saying can't drink, but you can't drive," Paar says. He is one of the 33 deputies from Milwaukee County that will be monitoring the freeway system this weekend.

Earlier in the week, Sheriff David Clarke cautioned drivers not to drink and get behind the wheel. "You're gonna end up in jail. You're gonna end up in the hospital, or you may end up in the morgue. It's really your choice," Clarke said.

The Sheriff's Department says, as of 8:30 p.m. there had been zero arrests for OWI.