Test your concession stand IQ

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Registered Dietitian Lisa Grudzielanek from  Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare visits Real Milwaukee to test your concession stand IQ.

How many calories are in a large tub of popcorn?

Large Tub of Buttered Popcorn    

Close to a day’s worth of calories: 1200 calories+

Over a days’ worth of fat:  85 grams+

Over a days’ worth of sodium:  1970mg Sodium+


How many calories and sugar in a large soda?

Large Soda

A whopping 400 calories

100 grams of sugar or 25 sugar cubes

Opt for a bottled water or cup for water instead


Which of the following snacks has the fewest calories?

Nachos with Cheese (40 chips and 1 cup of cheese)


Pretzel Bites with Nacho Cheese (20bites and ¾ cup cheese)

Both are about 900 calories.  Calories increase if add more cheese.

Compared to a large pretzel w/ no cheese is about 200 calories.


How does your favorite Candy stack up?  Which is a “less unhealthy” choice?

Junior Mints XL (4.8oz)

Yes it, low fat but the calories and sugar make up for it!

570 calories

107 grams of sugar

8 grams of fat


 Milk Duds (3oz)

370 calories

44 grams of sugar

8 grams of fat


Ignore the low-fat claims, both packed with sugar

Sour Patch Kids  (5oz)                   VS     Twizzlers (5oz)

 490 calories                                                    460 calories

92 grams of sugar                                           59 grams of sugar

Approx. 23 cubes of sugar                              Approx. 15 cubes of sugar