Company highlighted during Obama’s speech looking for fed. help

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MILWAUKEE -- One of the local businesses President Barack Obama highlighted during his visit to Master Lock in Milwaukee Wednesday was Diamond Precision Products in northwest Milwaukee. Obama said the company is growing, but the company's president says the federal government has done little to help him, and the company is looking for workers!

Diamond Precision Products Owner Bryan Weiss says he appreciates Obama's comments regarding his company Wednesday, but says he needs to see some federal help with job training.

Diamond Precision Products is a precision machine shop opened just a few months ago. The facility in northwest Milwaukee is the company's second Wisconsin facility. The other plant is located in Johnson Creek. "At this facility, we probably run 25 different part numbers. We've gone from about 55 employees to up over 120," Weiss said. Weiss says business is booming and almost all that are hired work manufacturing jobs.

The growth the company has seen led to Obama's praise Wednesday. "A company that is growing because its customers are choosing American-made products, instead of suppliers from China," Obama said.

CLICK HERE to view/read Obama's remarks Wednesday.

Weiss says Obama's comments Wednesday are "pretty neat - I'm calling all my friends." But says they need federal assistance. "We got a tax credit from Governor Walker and the Commerce Department. We got low-interest financing (from two local Milwaukee groups.) We tried to get federal assistance for training programs for employee assistance, and we weren't able to find anything there," Weiss said.

Obama talked about worker subsidies Wednesday, but Weiss says talk isn't the same as training. "We're not finding these programs we keep hearing about. We're ready to grow. We've got the business," Weiss said.

Now, Weiss says his company needs workers! "I see in the next couple of years, with the right people and the right programs, we could have 200 more people here," Weiss said.

Diamond Precision Products is even at the point where they'll train non-skilled workers for these well-paying factory jobs.

If you are interested in a job at Diamond Precision call their Human Resources Department: (920) 699-7001 or CLICK HERE to see the job openings available.

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