Gov. Walker signs bill banning young drivers from using cell phones

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(Credit: iStockphoto/Dennis Oblander)

MADISON (AP) — Gov. Scott Walker signed a bill Thursday that bans young drivers from using cell phones.

The measure bans anyone driving a motor vehicle under an instruction permit or a probationary license from using a cell phone or other wireless device.

In a release issued Thursday afternoon, Gov. Walker said, “Learning to drive is a major responsibility, which is why I am signing this bill into law. When I taught my two sons to drive, I taught the importance of focusing on the road and refraining from cell phone usage.”

First-time violators now face a fine of $20 to $40. Repeat offenders face fines ranging from $50 to $100.

The state Assembly passed the bill unanimously in February. The Senate concurred earlier this month on a voice vote with no debate.

Walker signed the bill in Milwaukee.

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