Gov. Scott Walker easily wins recall primary election

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WAUKESHA -- Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is the third governor in the nation ever to be recalled, and breezed through the May 8th recall primary election. Walker faced protest candidate, 23-year-old Republican Arthur Kohl-Riggs in Tuesday's primary.

Walker spent his day touring the state, with stops in Onalaska, La Crosse, Eau Claire and Green Bay. He later watched the results roll in with supporters in Waukesha. Walker now moves onto a much more difficult campaign against Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

With four weeks to go until the recall general election on June 5th, a busy campaign is planned, and debate will decide the direction Wisconsin takes on issues of economic equality, disputes between labor and management and the perennial policy disagreements over taxes and jobs.

Walker has made protecting taxpayers and business interests the central theme of his campaign thus far. He argues that he has made tough choices to fix a broken budget, and says he doesn't deserve to be recalled.

Walker has said many times if he were to be removed from office, it would take Wisconsin in the wrong direction.

Once the primary elections were called, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus released a statement saying in part, “After tonight’s results Wisconsinites have a clear choice heading into June: take our state in the wrong direction with failed mayor and two-time statewide loser Tom Barrett, or continue to implement the reforms necessary to get Wisconsin’s fiscal house in order and put Wisconsinites back to work with Governor Scott Walker.”

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