CAPTURED: Randy Yager, one of 15 Most Wanted fugitives in America taken into custody in Mexico

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WISCONSIN & INDIANA (WITI) -- Randy Yager was captured on Thursday morning, October 16th in Mexico -- in the Baja region. Yager will be flown back to Wisconsin.

Considered one of the 15 Most Wanted fugitives in all of America, he managed to avoid law enforcement for about 15 years.

Yager was the regional president of the Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana area "Outlaws" -- a bike gang. His criminal record includes a 1981 accusation of shooting a rival gang member.

"I'm not saying all Outlaws members are criminals, but some of the persons in that gang have ferocious records," a U.S. Marshals official said.

In 1983, prosecutors say Yager, known by his nickname, "Mad" planned the arson of a home in Gary, Indiana. Investigators say it belonged to the mother of a fellow gang member -- torched for insurance money to help fund the legal defense of another Outlaw.

Twice in 1984, Yager was linked to two serious assaults, including a beating in December of a rival gang member, labeled an attempted murder charge. The assault was carried out with a four-foot metal coat rack. Medical bills totaled $47,000.

Federal law enforcement officials tracked Yager’s travels and in 1997 – 17 of the outlaws were indicted. 16 were rounded up in raids -- but Yager wasn't one of them.

Headlines linked the Outlaws to a 1974 Milwaukee bombing death. The 15-year-old victim was delivering newspapers when he picked up a mysterious package never meant for him. Former Milwaukee County District Attorney E. Michael McCann calls it the most notorious murder in Milwaukee's history. He says the person who built the bomb was extremely technically skilled.

Another headline from 1987 described a slain biker whose wife and young son were shot to death in the Town of Jackson. Investigators speculated the Outlaws killed a former member and his family, possibly for trying to cooperate with law enforcement.

Margie Jelovcic – Yager’s girlfriend would eventually go missing as well. Jelovcic was a bartender at a tavern Yager would visit. She was drawn to the Outlaw's bad boy biker image and the two started dating.

Not long after the 1997 Outlaw round-up, Jelovcic vanished and has been a missing persons case for more than a decade.


  • MJ

    About time! Most of his cohorts have done their time and are back on the street. Even Ron (Rotten Ronnie) Talmadge (who reportedly “ratted” on other club members).

    • Frank

      I met Randy Yeager at MCC during one of my court dates. We were in a holding cell awaiting our court time. I recognized Randy from a news publication being i went into custody the day after Randy was apprehended. He looked familair to me so i made conversation with him. After speaking to him for a brief moment i realized he was the man id seen on the news. I realize what this man had done in the past was very wrong. I also agree he needs to be punished. The one thing that bothered me about his story was the fact the entire story wasnt told accuretly. From talking with him his wife did not go missing. She went on the run with him. She loved this man. They were together the entire time he was on the run. She wasnt forced by him. Sadly she is no longer with us. According to Randy at the point the authorities were nearing to his location he had his wife leave in there car to flee. At some point while Randy was being detained by the Mexican authorities the vehicle his wife had fled in was returning to where she left randy. As she neared the police began firing at the car with automatic rifles littering the car with bullets till it rolled over. Randys wife was in it. Randy was informed of his wifes passing several days after he was taken into custody. What id like to know is why this information wasnt given in the details of this arrest. Was her life not worth the same as any other one of us simply because she chose to love a wanted fugitive. Leaves me with alot of questions as to the value of her life. Randy blames his wifes sister for her death.

      • Tim

        Randy is one of my closest friends… I met him in Rosarito with his wife Margie. I saw them almost every single day for about 6 years right up until the end. I will say two things about him only. (1.) He and Margie were very much in love. They were very happy together. This wasn’t he dragged her to Mexico. They were a couple, and in 6 years, I never saw one without the other. (2.) Whatever they say he was in the US, is not the man I know. Randy is a very trustworthy and generous person. He came to my aid more than once. I can’t drive through Rosarito without thinking.. Oh Margie told me to try the food there, or Steve (that was the name he went by here) said to exchange dollars for pesos at this place they have the best rate. He had keys to half the houses in Rosarito. Owners would say Hey Steve I am gonna be gone for 3 months, can you re-tile my house? They would come back 3 months later and find quality work, and their plants watered. I have offered, and most probably will be a character witness at his trial in March.

        Am I mad that he never told me any of this and right up until the end? Nope.. As far as I am concerned, whatever his crime was if anything, he had transformed into a useful, productive and trustworthy member of the community. You will never convince me of anything different.

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