Humane Society hoping for new homes for seized dogs

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FOND DU LAC -- Dozens of animals were seized in a suspected case of abuse and neglect in Fond du Lac County Thursday, May 10th. Investigators found the farm after following a stray goat. Now, Humane Society officials hope this week means new homes for many of the allegedly abused and neglected animals.

68 Siberian huskies and a single cattle dog wait behind cages - some injured, and others neglected. "To bring 69 dogs into our shelter is mind-boggling. A lot of it is wounds that we're dealing with. They have horrendous coats," Shelter manager Renee Webb said.

The Fond du Lac County Humane Society is working to correct matted fur and alleged abuse. Shelter manager Renee Webb says some of the dogs were tied to posts - their lives restricted to three feet of rope.

Now, the canines, between the ages of four months to about 12 years old are adjusting to walking on a leash and much more. "They are learning to eat dog food because these dogs were actually given whole carcasses of dead livestock," Webb said.

Investigators discovered the animals at a Town of Friendship farm Thursday, May 10th. Fond du Lac County Sheriff's deputies say they found dead goats, about 50 living goats and more than 70 dogs on the property - some in various stages of starvation and dehydration.

Now, the dogs are beginning to heal, and the Humane Society is looking for those who may be interested in adopting the animals. "We've had several rescues that are calling us - husky rescues," Webb said.

The volume of dogs was so overwhelming that the shelter chose not to give the pooches names. Instead, they were given letters, and when the alphabet ran out, even more letters.

Humane Society officials hope they'll soon walk out of the shelter with an owner and an identity. "When they get their forever home is when they will get their forever name," Webb said.

When law enforcement officials began their investigation, they were met by a 10-year-old boy at the home, alone. That child spent time with social services, and it is unclear if that child is back at the home at this time.

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