Tom Barrett spends weekend meeting with voters

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LA CROSSE -- While Republicans gathered for their state convention in Green Bay this weekend, Milwaukee's Mayor Tom Barrett continued campaigning for governor's office.

Barrett faces Gov. Scott Walker in a June 5th recall election.

This weekend, Barrett met with voters in La Crosse, one of three campaign stops. Barrett says he's running to restore unity for Wisconsin.

There has been some controversy surrounding Walker after video was released from a documentary showing Walker speaking with a Janesville donor, saying his method towards ending collective bargaining in the state would be through a "divide-and-conquer" strategy.

Barrett responded to that video this weekend.

"I think it's important given the division that the governor has created, and we now know that this was not an accident. He decided he was going to divide and conquer. We need a governor who's going to try and bring this state back together.  He has had 16 months to divide and conquer the state. I will end the civil war that he's started, and for me this is all about restoring trust. It's about healing the state. It's about having a governor that's going to focus on creating jobs here in Wisconsin rather than becoming the rock star for the far right and traveling around the country.  It's about ending this ideological civil war that he's started," Barrett said.

Barrett went on to say..."I don't think it is (a good way to run the state). I think what people have seen, and I think just the most recent revelations really go to the issue of trust, where he says one thing publicly and then to a person who ultimately gives him a half a million dollars he has a different response. You have to ask yourself if he's giving one response to you and another response to someone who gave him a million dollars, who's he telling the truth to?" Barrett said.

The recall election on June 5th will be a rematch of the 2010 gubernatorial race, where Barrett also went up against Walker and lost.

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