A different kind of yoga class: the “Yoga Rave”

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MILWAUKEE -- Yoga's roots date back centuries to ancient India, and yoga's goals include mind and body serenity and insight. One yoga instructor is updating the practice in a way you might never imagine.

Shayne Broadwell of Milwaukee's Core Essence holds "Yoga Raves" on limited occasions. Unlike a typical class, the atmosphere is dark, the class more fast-paced and includes a DJ playing electronica.

Dozens attending are given glow sticks to wear as part of the class.

The cocktail of exercise, adrenaline and pulsating beats stirred by the glow sticks is a combination of sound, color and light known as a "Yoga Rave." It's part of an emerging trend in major cities like Vancouver, New York, Philadelphia and now...Milwaukee.

Broadwell says shes teaches this special class to make Yoga more assessable to people and change things up with the discipline. Over 40 take part in sessions, from experienced yogis to newbies.

Some traditionalists say the songs played by a DJ and sights of neon might make them nauseous, but Broadwell and others don't care. "Yoga's your own practice. You do it for yourself, not for anyone else," Broadwell said.

For more information on her classes you can click here.