Zoo offers free admission for moms Sunday for Mother’s Day

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MILWAUKEE -- The Milwaukee County Zoo offered free admission to all mothers on Sunday, May 13th for Mother's Day! Many mothers made their way to the most well-known mother at the zoo -- M.J. the orangutan!

Three generations of Larsens took to the Milwaukee County Zoo on Sunday from Madison -- two-and-a-half-year-old Hailey, her mother, Donna and grandma Tracey.

The Larsens spent time interacting with perhaps the most popular pair of animal moms and babies -- orangutans M.J. and five-year-old Mahal. M.J. is actually Mahal's surrogate mother, as Mahal was rejected by his biological mother. The two met two years ago and have been inseparable since.

"M.J. just proved to be a good mom, taking Mahal under her wing. They were fast friends and family,"

In recognition of Mahal and M.J.'s story, the Milwaukee County Zoo kicked off its "Project MOM," or "Missing Orangutan Mothers." The program raises awareness and funds for the endangered species.

The zoo is also selling artwork made by the orangutans!

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The Larsens said they were happy to have this special day to spend together. "I don't get to see my mom very often or my daughter, because I work and I go to school, so it's very special," Donna Larsen said.