Wireless Accessories on Display at CTIA

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Cell phone accessories are a multi-billion dollar market, and every company here at CTIA wants to make the next must have cell phone case or companion.

Although Apple itself doesn't attend industry trade shows, it's influence on accessories is apparent.

Incipio is known for durable and lightweight cases. They were showing off their Off Grid Pro case.

"It comes with two batteries and can be switched out so you don't have to charge your phone for up to three days with this," explains Johnny Blackstock of Incipio.

The company is also introducing a rugged line based on Stanley tools, that Johnny says is good for both professionals and consumers alike.

iKeep helps your phone from falling by tethering it to you. The 22 dollar gadget's retractable cord ensures that your phone won't hit the floor.

The floor is no match for a Tech21 case. The company uses a special material that absorbs a lot.

Jason Roberts CEO of Tech21 explains, "The material is very soft and pliable, but upon impact, it goes rock hard". So feel free to toss your phone around.

Usually if you want bluetooth you have to wear one in your ear all day, but, the Azeka bluetooth retractable headset eliminates that.

"Basically you clip it on to your shirt, when you get a call it vibrates and you just clip it to your ear for that one call", said Mark Martinez of Azeka.

Some things are a tougher sell than others. Like a product called Cel-Factor. You stick the device on the back of your phone and it helps with radiation. I have to be honest, I'm a little skeptical, but CEO Fredrich Von Hoffman says most people are not because their product doesnt work with the phone, it works with your body.

The reason we see so many neat accessories for the iPhone is because there are only a handful of models, while Android has hundreds.