Candidates for governor talk about recent polls, jobs

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MILWAUKEE -- Gov. Scott Walker and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett spent the weekend campaigning throughout Wisconsin.  Saturday, May 19th, both candidates dropped by campaign offices in Milwaukee County.

A recent poll from Marquette University shows Walker leading Barrett in the race for governor 50% to 44%.  Yet Walker says he doesn't put faith in poll numbers.

"For us, the most important poll is the one taken June 5th," Walker said. June 5th is the general recall election date -- when Walker and Barrett will face off for the governor's seat.

In response to the Marquette poll numbers, Barrett points to Walker's fundraising advantage.

"Even though he's spent over $25 million ,he can't get above 50 percent," Barrett said.

Meeting with volunteers this weekend, both candidates referenced Walker's recent attacks on Milwaukee under Barrett's leadership.  Barrett points out Walker was once a leader in Milwaukee County.

"I think it goes right to the question of loyalty.  He was the executive of this county for eight years, and he's more than willing to throw it under the bus for his own political ambitions," Barrett said.

Walker says he's not attacking Milwaukee, rather, he wants to help the city.

"The point I'm trying to make is Wisconsin doesn't want to become like Milwaukee when it comes to unemployment going up 28 percent," Walker said.

With two debates scheduled, the candidates will likely clash over the jobs issue, and the controversial numbers being pushed by each campaign.  Barrett's campaign is pointing to statistics showing the state has lost jobs.  Meanwhile, Walker is using new numbers showing the state is gaining jobs.

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