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Barrett attacks Walker in new ad on John Doe investigation

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MADISON -- There are about two weeks to go in the recall campaign, and Sunday, May 20th was another busy day on the campaign trail.

Milwaukee Mayor and Democratic candidate for governor Tom Barrett attacks Gov. Scott Walker in a new ad campaign on the John Doe investigation. With polls showing Walker leading, and millions in his campaign coffers, Walker is confident. Walker says he still thinks the election will be close, and Sunday was another example of just how divided Wisconsin is.

Outside the Sheboygan Republican headquarters, South Memorial Place became the symbol of a divided state. On one side of the street, 50 people protested a visit from Walker. "As Pinocchio, his nose should be growing from here to Michigan - he's told so many lies," Anna Logan said. "I would just say 'how can you sleep at night?'" Mark Stevens said.

In the back of the building, Walker's supporters made their voices heard. "There really is a silent majority out there," Natalie Baker said.

Walker rallied 100 supporters as a light rain fell. "For the first time in two years, we've added money to the rainy day fund," Walker said.

Inside, Walker took questions and explained why he thinks he should keep his job.

At the same time, Barrett went on the offensive, launching a sharp-elbowed ad criticizing Walker over the ongoing John Doe corruption scandal. "Felonies, guilty pleas and over 1,000 emails used for Walker's campaign.  If Walker sent or received any of these e-mails, he's in deep trouble," Barrett said.

"For the next two weeks, they're going to get as dirty as it can be," Walker said.

"The public deserves to know before this election if this governor is a target of a criminal investigation," Barrett said.

"It's desperate and they know it. You guys know it.  You've asked me 1,000 times.  I've answered everything I can. Tom Barrett's a lawyer.  He should know what you can and can't say about things like this," Walker said.

Barrett says Walker is simply trying to "run out the clock" and not answer questions until after the election. Sunday, Walker again said he's been asked by the Milwaukee County District Attorney not to comment on the case.

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