Washington Co. Sheriff’s officials patrolling with UTV

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WASHINGTON COUNTY -- Washington County Sheriff's officials have a new way to get around when they're not in their squad cars. A company has loaned a UTV - utility terrain vehicle to the department.

Washington County Deputy Sheriff Jerod Cox patrolled with a UTV, or utility terrain vehicle Sunday, May 20th. "We patrol mainly the Eisenbahn Trail, which runs from West Bend to our north county line. We use (the UTV) for any kind of emergency," Cox said.

Sheriff's officials say the UTV allows them to respond to incidents that occur in off-road areas that normal vehicles cannot access. "To be able to get rescue personnel farther back into the woods or off road is very helpful," Cox said.

As opposed to an ATV, the UTV has a regular seat and seatbelt and a regular set of pedals - similar to a car. It also has plenty of cargo space for carrying medical and other equipment.

Cox says the UTV was recently utilized during Cardinal Dolan's Mass at Holy Hill, to get staffing and equipment around the grounds.

Sheriff's officials plan to use the UTV for the Washington County Fair, coming up in July. The department also has an ATV that they've utilized since 2000.

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