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Milwaukee police report progress against north-side gang

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MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police say cooperation put a huge dent in a street gang terrorizing a north-side neighborhood, so they put on a public display of support and force in that same neighborhood.

Police from two districts lined up near Hopkins and Villard for a public roll call Friday, May 25th.

"District 4, District 7, the NTF (Neighborhood Task Force), probation and parole have been doing excellent work dealing with a pernicious gang that has brought violence to these neighborhoods, and because of your work they're rocked back on their heels," Chief Flynn said.

One neighbor told FOX6 News she'll continue to work with police because she thinks they're helping her neighborhood.

Others aren't so trusting of Milwaukee police officers. Diane Blalock says some people in her neighborhood won't call the police because they don't trust them.

Chief Flynn also told officers not to worry about a newspaper report stating the MPD incorrectly classified more than 500 criminal assaults as simple assaults.

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