Milwaukee museum to host “Real Pirates” exhibit

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MILWAUKEE (AP) — Pirates are taking over the Milwaukee Public Museum this winter.

The museum is hosting the exhibit, “Real Pirates,” which tells the stories of four crew members of the pirate ship Whydah. It sank off the Cape Cod coast nearly 300 years ago, killing the famous Captain “Black Sam” Bellamy and all but two of its 146 crew members.

The Whydah was located in 1984 and underwater explorer Barry Clifford is still finding treasures. Among the objects featured in the exhibit are cannons, muskets, pistols, cutlasses and swords, a treasure chest filled with coins last touched by pirates and Whydah’s bell.

The National Geographic and Arts & Exhibitions International organized the show, which runs from Dec. 14 through May 27, 2013.

CLICK HERE for more details on the Pirates exhibit via the Milwaukee Public Museum’s website.