Sneak Peek of Apple’s Newest Apps

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Every month people download over a billion apps from the App Store. Apple's now showing off what's next in interactive apps with a pair of bluetooth sneakers that tell you how high you jump, plus a world atlas reinvented for the touch screen.

Gaming continues to get better on iOS adding new functionality on games like Sky Gamblers.

"This is a new feature that's going to show off the ability to have multiple players, but play in a very shared experience," said Eric Jue, who works with Worldwide Product Marketing for Apple. "So instead of having your nose buried down in your device...Everybody can look at it and play on the big screen tv in your living room."

Best of all, there are no wires cluttering up the space.

"We're doing it all off of iOS devices now, all wirelessly," Jue said.

Another interesting app coming soon, Spell Tower.

"[It] starts out as a basic word search. But it also adds elements of Tetris as well, said John Danty, Apple representative. "So you can find words and even add a timer to it. So it makes the game pretty challenging and really fun."

The new gaming apps take advantage of the bluetooth features to find friends nearby to challenge.

Apart from games, even reading apps get an upgrade telling stories in a whole new way.

"So this is star academy...imagine a pop up book for the digital age," said Danty. "This is exactly that kind of experience. But just amazing. Great sound and a lot of fun for the readers."

Barefoot Atlas is an interactive 3D globe for the iPad that uses up-to-date information from the web.

"This is coming from the Internet live so there's the weather in Copenhagen," Danty said. "There's information, there's even the currency so if there's any of that changes it automatically gets updated on here."

This interactive way to explore our world will also soon be pocket sized for the iPhone.

Apple created some buzz when it teamed up with Nike to introduce a line of shoes, when combined with an insert, turns your iPod into a personal workout coach. This time around, the Nike kit gets upgraded.

"They've got a set of sensors...And they can measure all kinds of great data," said Jue. "Like how fast you're moving, what direction you're moving in, and how balanced, how stable you are. They can even measure how high you jump."

The new Nike kits are definitely bound to come in handy in resolving playground bets.

There are some really neat apps slated for release very soon from the App Store and the name of the game: interactive made simple.