Candidates for governor criss-cross state before recall election

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MADISON -- The final weekend in the recall race has come and gone, and the candidates for governor are pushing hard for votes in the final days before voters take to the polls. The candidates criss-crossed the state with just 48 hours left to go, and both campaigns say they're confident.

With so few undecided voters, most made up their minds months ago, the recall race really comes down to which party gets its people to the polls. Gov. Scott Walker and Tom Barrett are trying to bring that message to the masses.

Sunday, June 3rd began with breakfast for both candidates. Gov. Walker and Barrett met with voters at the Brown County Dairy Breakfast in De Pere.

Later, the campaigns fanned out across the state.

In Oshkosh, Barrett sought to energize voters in a key region -- the traditionally Republican Fox Valley, where Democrats are hoping to peel off a significant amount of the electorate. Barrett describes himself as an old-fashioned midwestern candidate - more pragmatic than political.

"He will fight to the end for an ideological battle, and I am far more interested in pragmatic solutions -- putting more people to work, and that people can earn enough money to raise their families," Barrett said.

Barrett campaigned with one of Wisconsin's most popular politicians Sunday -- U.S. Senator Herb Kohl. Kohl has won four statewide races and says Tuesday's outcome hangs on the ground game.

"It's going to be a very close election, and it's pretty clear to everybody that the side that will get the turnout more completely is the side that will win," Kohl said.

Meanwhile, campaigning in Germantown, Gov. Walker was greeted by boisterous campaign volunteers.

"What we did was thinking more about the next generation than just the next election," Gov. Walker said.

Reince Priebus, the Republican National Committee Chairman and Kenosha native says a Walker win would impact the presidential race.

"It's going to be very difficult for this president, who spent the weekend in Chicago, flew over this state, and stayed in Minneapolis, ignored this state, and then to come here two months later and tell Democratic activists, 'hey guys, remember me?  I'm running for president. Come and help me.' I think those Democrats are going to look at the president and say, 'thanks a lot pal,'" Priebus said.

Both Gov. Walker and Barrett have a full schedule of campaign events scheduled for Monday, June 4th - the last day of campaigning before voters take to the polls. Barrett will attend a rally in Kenosha and Walker will hold a rally in Milwaukee.

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