Packers’ Driver rewards 12-year-old boy with memorabilia

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GRAND CHUTE (AP) — The 12-year-old boy who lost a Donald Driver cleat to a woman who ripped it away after Driver threw it into the crowd during his annual charity softball game Sunday, June 3rd — now has plenty of Green Bay Packers memorabilia.

The video of Driver tossing his cleats into the crowd has been popular on the Internet. Driver said he was trying to toss a cleat to Stephen Wagner. The video shows the woman wrestling it away.

When Driver later heard what happened, he turned to Twitter to find the boy. He then arranged to meet Stephen and greeted him with some autographed Packers gear, including a pair of cleats.

Stephen’s mom, Mary Wagner, says the woman in the video called to apologize. She
explained she thought Driver was throwing the cleat to her. The Ripon family says no hard feelings.

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