City of Milwaukee brings in extra staff to handle voter turnout

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MILWAUKEE -- Polling places across the state Tuesday saw long lines of voters waiting to cast their ballots in Wisconsin's first-ever recall election -- an indication that voter turnout in this election was high. The Wisconsin Government Accountability Board had predicted a 60%-65% voter turnout for the June 5th recall election.

The City of Milwaukee Election Commission had to bring in extra help to handle the large voter turnout Tuesday.

"Busy" was the trend all day in the city of Milwaukee as voters took to the polls. There were a lot of voters who registered at polling sites to vote in the recall election. The City of Milwaukee sent out extra personnel to handle the high volume of voters.

"We are calling in city employees to visit the polls, assigning them to the busiest sites. We want to make sure everything is running smoothly and they have enough people to help them out," Milwaukee Election Commission Executive Director Sue Edman said.

Voter Teresa Morgan stood in line patiently, and said everything went smoothly.

"I'm hoping everyone comes out and do what they are supposed to do and don't just sit at home, then tomorrow comes and go 'well!' If you didn't vote, you don't have nothing to say," Morgan said.

The polling machines in Milwaukee worked properly Tuesday, but technicians were still on hand, just in case.

"We had a few machine problems -- maybe two or three, which is really nothing at all. They were not accepting ballots - just minor problems, but technicians in the field were able to get there right away and get them up and running," Edman said.

Polls stay open until 8:00 p.m. Tuesday.

Voters can call the Wisconsin Election Protection Hotline at 1-866-OUR-VOTE to report problems, ask attorneys questions or get help to protect their right to vote.

CLICK HERE for more information on voting and the recall election via the GAB’s website.

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