Wanggaard feeling optimistic Tuesday, standing by his record

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RACINE -- Voters in Racine were set to decide a close Senate race, in Wisconsin's District 21 on election day Tuesday, June 5th. Right now, the state Senate is even, with 16 Democrats and 16 Republicans. There's one open seat, after Pam Galloway of Wausau stepped down, and three Republican Senators targeted in the recall. If any Democrat wins, the balance of power in the Senate shifts.

In Racine's District 21, incumbent Van Wanggaard faced Democrat John Lehman. Both men are well-known among voters, and this race was expected to be a close one.

Tuesday, Wanggaard said he was feeling optimistic and stood by his record over the past two years.

"Feeling pretty confident.  It`s been pretty positive so we`re just gonna have to see how it comes out," Wanggaard said.

Wanggaard cast his ballot Tuesday at Frat Elementary School in Racine. He said he hoped voters in the 21st District will allow him to finish his four-year term.

"This is the second time I`m running for the same position in the first term, so this is gonna be historical just doing this twice in a first term.  I`m just excited to get to the 8 o`clock deadline and counting the votes and seeing where we`re at," Wanggaard said.

Wanggaard's opponent, Lehman, is a former state Senator that Wanggaard defeated back in 2010 to take the 21st District Senate seat.

After he voted, Wanggaard questioned the process that brought him back to the polls on Tuesday.

"I think the recalls are being improperly used.  I think it should be for misconduct in public office.  I don`t think it should be for taking a vote.  We`ll see what happens here and we`ll see if people understand that the reforms are working," Wanggaard said.

Looking back at Wanggaard's controversial vote with Gov. Scott Walker to limit collective bargaining for public workers, Wanggaard said even now, he wouldn't change that decision if he could.

Wanggaard said with a balance budget, the state is poised to create jobs.

"Everybody that desires the opportunity to work should have that opportunity, and that`s what we`re trying to create, is an atmosphere where that happen," Wanggaard said.

After casting his ballot, Wanggaard spent Tuesday touring Racine area businesses.

He planned to meet with supporters in Racine at the Buona Vita and thank them for their support Tuesday evening.

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