Democrat John Lehman wins 21st District Senate recall

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RACINE— Democrat John Lehman defeated Republican Senator Van Wanggaard for the 21st District Senate seat. Wanggaard was showing a lead throughout Tuesday night, June 5th, but high turnout in Racine helped tip the scales.

Lehman believes his margin of victory was small, less than a thousand votes, but he believes it's enough to give him the win and change the balance of power in the Wisconsin senate.

"I really believe that a divided Legislature often moves toward reasonableness, and what we would hope to see is leadership from both houses get together and say -- 'what can we do for the people of Wisconsin without arguing, without throwing rocks at each other,'" Lehman said.

Lehman's camp believes his victory is outside the margins for a state-paid recount, but Wanggaard could still ask for one and pay for it himself.

Lehman says he is confident he would survive a recount.

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