Medical Examiner’s report released after Whitefish Bay condo fire

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Whitefish Bay condo fire

Whitefish Bay condo fire

WHITEFISH BAY — The Milwaukee County Medical Examiner’s Office released its investigation report Thursday, June 7th after a 43-year-old man was killed in a Wednesday morning fire at a condo complex near N. Santa Monica and E. Henry Clay in Whitefish Bay. Officials have identified the victim as Timothy Alloway.

When the North Shore Fire Dept. arrived on the scene, they found smoke pouring out of the top floor, and heavy smoke throughout the building.

The fire was called in by one of the tenants who smelled smoke coming out of the condo across the hallway.

Firefighters were able to put out the fire — which only affected the condo in the back of the third floor. When they went searching through the condo which caught fire, they found a man unresponsive.

Officials say Alloway was found in the rear master bedroom, wearing nothing but a sock on his right foot.

The ME’s report says Alloway suffered burns to his forehead, shoulders and left foot, but no other signs of trauma were noted.

“He was removed and was treated by paramedics. At the time he was removed, he was also not breathing. Paramedics attempted resuscitation and were unsuccessful and he’s been declared dead at the scene,” North Shore Fire Chief Robert Whitaker said.

Investigators say information provided at the scene indicates Alloway was last known to have been alive at 2:00 a.m. Wednesday, when a neighbor knocked on his door and asked him to keep the noise down. He was apparently “partying loudly” with several people, according to the ME’s investigation.

At the time of the fire, a neighbor called 911 after smelling smoke and noticing Alloway’s unit’s door was open and fire was spreading to the hallway.

Officials say the fire could’ve been a lot worse had they not gotten to it in time. That’s in large part because the building has no sprinkler system.

“They had to pull their hose lines up three floors. Just to get that laid out right that takes some good incident management from our first arriving officer,” Chief Whitaker said.

The ME’s investigation indicates the fire was likely caused by food left cooking unattended in the kitchen. The kitchen was completely destroyed.

Officials estimate damage at the condo complex to be between $150,000 and $200,000.

The ME’s report says Alloway was released from prison back in March where he had been incarcerated for bail jumping. The report also indicates he was shot by Milwaukee police back in 1995. The report says Alloway was apparently intoxicated and carrying a toy squirt gun that police interpreted as an actual weapon.

The state fire marshal was called in to investigate the official cause of this condo fire.

Funeral arrangements for Alloway are pending.

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