MPD’s Chief Flynn: Detective arrested, two officer firings/suspensions

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Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn

MILWAUKEE — At Thursday’s Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission meeting, Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn announced that an MPD detective was arrested Wednesday night, June 6th.

Chief Flynn released few details Thursday night relating to what led up to 45-year-old Rodolfo Gomez Jr.’s arrest.

Police say Gomez has 10 years of service and is assigned to the Criminal Investigation Bureau.

“We arrested a department member last night. The investigation is ongoing. He is currently in custody. He’s been suspended, and charges are pending,” Chief Flynn said.

FOX6 News learned Gomez is a detective who is active with the Milwaukee Police Association — the union representing Milwaukee’s police rank and file members.

Along with the arrest, Chief Flynn also announced two officer terminations, and two suspensions. The news comes following a string of recent firings, suspensions and investigations into the Milwaukee Police Department this year.

Chief Flynn said he is confident the department’s swift action in this situation, along with other recent incidents, should give the public faith in his department.

“We hold ourselves to high standards. I think the public expects us to, and when we find one of our department members is found in a violation of our code of conduct, we’re going to take appropriate action, not flinch from it, and we recognize the public expects to hold us accountable, and we do, and I think the public should feel confident in a department that’s willing to do that,” Chief Flynn said.

A spokesman for the Milwaukee Police Association at the Commission meeting Thursday did not have any comment, saying he was just learning of the situation.

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