Brat Worst (6-11-12)

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Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has planned a "Brat Summit" for lawmakers -- something he promised during his victory speech after winning the recall election last week. Gov. Walker said he'd use the event as a way for lawmakers reconnect and rebuild relationships, in order to move the state forward.

98 legislators (37 Democrats, 60 Republicans and one Independent) and 236 staff members are planning to attend.

In a statement Monday, June 11th, Gov. Walker said: “I’m looking forward to a great cookout.  We’ve got some fantastic, authentic Wisconsin products that we will be sharing with legislators of both political parties and their staff.  I am hopeful this get-together will forge relationships that will make it easier to work together to help create jobs.”

The event is closed to the media, a topic FOX6's Ted Perry discusses in this edition of "Ted's Take."

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