E-3 Features New Consoles, Games

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For 17 years now, the video game industry has come together once a year to show off what they're working on. This year at E-3 only one major manufacturer is showing off new hardware. For the rest, it's about new features and new games.

At E-3, it's all about the battle for your free time. Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo gunning for te space beneath your TV, but also wherever you might be.

No new console from Microsoft but features galore! You'll be able to watch live NBA and NHL games plus Nike workouts. They're also adding Internet Explorer and SmartGlass apps that let you interact with XBox from a phone or tablet.

"Everything that you watch or play is going to have added information and new ways to interact with it on devices you already know," said Ludwig Kietzmann from Joystiq.com.

Sony focused on games and wants to reinvent storybooks with a device called Wonderbook. Pages come to life in its first title, "Book of Spells".

Morgan Webb of G4TV adds, "I think something's there with the augmented reality books. Popular author JK Rowling did the first book so I think they'll do pretty well.

Nintendo is the only manufacturer here showing off a next generation console. The Wii-U shows off a bunch of family friendly games that you'll be able to play on it. 

"You have a new world of asymetric game play and that creates new forms of game play dynamics, new eays to cooperate with friends and new ways to challenge friends," Nintendo's Cindy Gordon explains.

 A new Mii-verse social network connects gamer friends, plus a new Super Mario Bros-U will create new memories with an old favorite.

"It's been a really fun year where the games have been front and center," said Webb.

Much of what's on display won't hit consoles for at least a few months. E-3 also brought out a lot of star power! Celebrities including Flo Rida, Usher, Joe Montana and the creators of South Park are all on hand promoting games.