Caledonia man dies in house fire started by smoking materials

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CALEDONIA (AP) -- Caledonia police say a man who was careless with his "smoking materials'' has died after a fire started in his living room and filled the room with smoke Monday evening, June 11th.

Police say the victim was 77-year-old Duane J. Rymenams. He died following a fire that began about 7 p.m.

Caledonia Fire Chief Jeff Buenger says Rymenams was on oxygen, and the oxygen system caused the flames to spread quickly.

"It started in his recliner. He must have been smoking and he fell asleep and we're not really sure if he tried to get out of the house because he was actually found in the kitchen," Rymenams' daughter, Karla Shuemate said.

Firefighters arrived on the scene just after the fire started. They pulled Rymenams from his kitchen and performed CPR, but he died at a hospital.

Rymenams' daughter told FOX6 News her father was a Navy vet and a great father.

Buenger says a dog in the home was taken to a veterinary hospital with apparent breathing problems. The dog is expected to survive.

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