Five-year-old boy hit by car now talking, mother says

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MILWAUKEE -- A five-year-old boy spoke for the first time Friday night, June 15th, after he was hit by a car last Saturday. Roneeka Broom, the mother of Robert Torres Jr., told FOX6 News the boy said his first words since a hit-and-run driver left the child in critical condition.

"(The doctor) just asked him if he's in pain, just very basic conversation and he said 'yes,' and he asked 'what's your name?' and he told him 'Robert,'" Broom said.

Broom spoke to reporters after a safety event organized by the Peace for Change Alliance. Organizers wanted neighborhood kids to practice crossing the street.

"You start small, and then hopefully by the end of the summer, everyone's doing it. My goal is everyone in the city, all the parents, will be talking to their children about the importance of safety," Peace for Change Alliance CEO Tracey Dent said.

The kids learned to hold hands with an adult and to look both ways before stepping into the street. Relatives told FOX6 News Torres was with an adult cousin when he was struck.

The event also gave Broom a reason to smile - something she hadn't done much over the last week.

"This was really nice. The kids enjoyed it, I enjoyed it and I just wanna get to the hospital," Broom said.

Broom said Torres is leaving intensive care and could soon try to stand and eventually walk.

Police are still looking for the driver who hit Torres. Witnesses said he was hit by a tan, four-door sedan - possibly an Oldsmobile. Relatives told FOX6 News a second car ran over Torres but police have not confirmed that.

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