Village of Waterford bans outside water use

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WATERFORD —   It may sound ironic, but the town of Waterford is under an outside water ban.  One of the village’s water pumps has failed.  The village is asking the more than 5,000 residents to shut off their sprinklers and take other measures to conserve water.

Crews worked Sunday to take out roughly 500 feet of pipes.  The cause of the pump failure is still unknown.  The town says it may take more than a week to fix.

That is some bad news for Brian Lieske.  He spent a good chunk of money earlier this year to fertilize his yard to make sure it would stay green all summer long.

“If the weather stays the way it is and it gets warm like this and everything dries up so fast and you can’t water it it’s going to get brown real quick,” says Lieske.

In the meantime, the only water his lawn will see is from his kids splashing.

The village says so far they have only handed out warnings to those who have not complied with the water ban.  They say they are hopeful the town will work together to save water, so they aren’t forced to enforce consequences.

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