Health officials: Stay hydrated, check on neighbors during extreme heat

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MILWAUKEE -- A heat wave is coming to southeastern Wisconsin, as temperatures are expected to soar into the 90s beginning Wednesday, June 27th, and forecasters say it's going to be a sticky heat! Officials are urging people to prepare for these warm temperatures, and the potential for health issues due to the heat.

Ann Marie Flegler is the service coordinator at Gross Heating and Air Conditioning. Flegler said they started getting swamped last week, and it hasn't slowed down! Flegler spent Tuesday trying to service hundreds of calls and deal with a variety of air conditioner malfunctions.

"Not enough cooling, A/Cs don`t seem to be able to keep up with heat and high humidity. Also, a lot of people are calling with water leaks," Flegler said.

Flegler suggests early maintenance on any air conditioning problem -- and advises people not wait until the hot temperatures are here to get everything in working order.

"When it's really hot and humid, your unit has to work that much harder to keep up. Make sure they have their A/C unit cleaned and checked," Flegler said.

Flegler said it's critical to check A/C units once a year -- a routine that will help fend off sweltering temperatures that in some cases, could have far-reaching effects.

Emergency room specialist Dr. Randal Ruvalcaba said physicians see heat-related illness all too often. When it comes to extreme temperatures, the young and old are susceptible.

"We've seen cases where people don't have access to A/C or have access to hydration. The elderly typically will have underlying medical issues, cardiovascular problems, or be on certain medications that may limit their ability to respond adequately to the heat," Dr. Ruvalcaba said.

Officials urge people to check on those most vulnerable and make sure they're okay when temperatures skyrocket. They say hydration is key, both before and after being exposed to heat.

Below is a list of some of the "cooling shelters" in the Milwaukee area:

  • Casa Maria (414)-344-5745

1131 N. 21st Street

Milwaukee, WI  53233

Emergency shelter for homeless families, mothers and children.

  • Cathedral Center

845 N. Van Buren St.

Milwaukee, WI  53202

Shelter for single women and families.

Cool Room Overflow shelter for single women.

Call Impact 211 to access case management and shelter services.

  • Milwaukee Women’s Center (414) 385-0854

3025 W. Mitchell Street

Milwaukee, WI  53204

Shelter for families, women, and children.

  • Guest House (414)345-3240

1216 N. 13th Street

Milwaukee, WI  53205

Shelter for single adult males.

  • Hope House (414) 645-2122

209 W. Orchard St.

Milwaukee, WI 53204

Transitional living for women with children.

  • Joy House (414) 344-3774

830 N. 19th St.

Milwaukee, WI 53233

A shelter for single women and women with their children.

  • Repairers of the Breach (414) 934-9305

1335 W. Vliet St.

Milwaukee, WI  53205

A day shelter only.

  • Safe Harbor (414)935-0200

1820 W. Wells Street.

Milwaukee, WI  53233

Shelter for single men.

  • Salvation Army (414) 265-6360

1730 North 7th St.

Milwaukee, WI 53205

For men, women, and families.

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