European soccer fans say their sport is the real “football”

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MILWAUKEE — The Green Bay Packers are football, and so is soccer — say some European “football” fans who might pass on the “American” version of football!

Nomad World Pub is the so-called “soccer headquarters” of Milwaukee, and inside, are fans who believe a football is round!

“This is real football, and the other one is American football,” Alfonzo Wolf said.

Soccer fans in Wisconsin are just as rabid as those who make up “Packer Nation” and the fan base seems to keep on growing.

“I think if you take a look in the bar you would see that soccer is big in the U.S. too and I think it is gaining popularity. I love it. It’s the best thing ever,” Sal Lococo said.

“Last Euro Cup I was here in the states too and there weren’t that many people like this year,” Wolf said.

Fans packed the pub for the 2012 Euro Cup championship match and while there was a shortage of seats, there was no shortage of enthusiasm.

“The atmosphere is everyone from all over the place. We’ve got people from all different countries,”

“It’s national pride,” Lococo said.

National pride — even if your team doesn’t take home the cup.

“Spain’s a very good team but I’m hoping for an Italian comeback and you’ll see no one cheering louder than me,” Lococo said.

The Spaniards are celebrating Sunday’s 4-0 win over Italy in the Euro Cup 2012 championship match.

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