Extreme heat is not keeping people from golf courses, beach

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MILWAUKEE -- When the temperatures soar to near 100 degrees, you would expect some outdoor businesses to suffer. Some probably have. But FOX6 News found people in our neck of the woods may be hardier than most.

At the Lake Park golf course on Friday, golfers were teeing it up at the height of the day; in the middle of one of the hottest heatwaves Milwaukee has seen.

Even with scorching sand, it's business as usual at the Tiki Bar on the lakefront.

Joe Rosak is the Chief of Business Operations at the Milwaukee County Parks District. He says the heatwave hitting on a big week of vacation could not keep Milwaukeeans indoors.

"What we like to get away from is rain. Rain is what we hate. So not having not having this rain is kind of helpful for us," said Rosak.

Down at Bradford Beach, a third Tiki Bar opened Friday. And the golf courses are expected to be packed this weekend.

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