MCTS ridership to 2012 Summerfest slightly down

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MILWAUKEE — The Milwaukee County Transit System (MSTC) provided more than 262,000 rides to  Summerfest in 2012. That number is just slightly down when compared to one year ago.

Here’s the breakdown of the ridership…

  • Overall MCTS provided 262,944 rides to Summerfest – compared to 264,182 in 2011 (Does not include riders who took local bus service to Summerfest)
  • Freeway Flyers provided 213,650 rides – compared to 214,532 in 2011
  • Shuttle Service provided 25,334 rides – compared to 27,786 in 2011
  • Ozaukee County Express provided 23,960 rides – compared to 21,864 in 2011

In a release issued by the MCTS, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer Jacqueline Janz said, “This year we were needed to not only provide easy and convenient transportation to Summerfest, but also to help manage the heat. We are so pleased we could assist by providing this resource.”

During the 11-day run of Summerfest, MCTS continued to provide bus service on more than 50 routes for those who use regular service to get to work, school or other important places. On an average weekday, MCTS provides 140,000 rides.

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