Police release update in Greenfield stabbing death

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GREENFIELD -- Greenfield police on Monday, July 16th released an update on this weekend's stabbing death near 44th and Morgan. 38-year-old Maggie Litwicki was found stabbed to death in her home early Saturday morning, July 14th. Litwicki's boyfriend of at least eight yeas was arrested in the case, but hasn't yet been formally charged.

Police say early Saturday morning, Oak Creek police officials discovered an abandoned vehicle that had been involved in a crash in the 600 block of East College Avenue. The vehicle was listed to Litwicki.

Maggie Litwicki

Maggie Litwicki

Officers attempted to make contact with Litwicki at her home but were unable.

Later, members of the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office contacted Oak Creek police officials and advised they were in contact with 38-year-old Christopher Gish, who had been transported to the hospital after the crash. Officials had learned Gish lived at the residence near 44th and Morgan.

Christopher Gish

Christopher Gish

Officials say while at the hospital, Gish made statements that led officers to become concerned for the residents at the home. Officials asked Greenfield police officers to check on the welfare of the residents at that time.

Around 6:00 a.m. Saturday, Greenfield police officers gained entry to the home, and found Litwicki dead in an upstairs bedroom.

Officials say two of Litwicki's three children, two boys, ages eight and six were in the home, along with two adults. Police do not believe any of them witnessed the incident.

Litwicki also has a 12-year-old daughter.

Police say the investigation is ongoing, and a meeting is planned with the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office Monday and Tuesday.

No charges have been issued against Gish at this time.

Police said Monday they know of no history of domestic violence involving Litwicki and Gish, though officials say Gish is familiar with the court system.

Court documents obtained by FOX6 News show Gish was arrested in 2000 in the City of Beloit, when police accused him of stealing a 1989 Chevy S-10 truck and in the criminal complaint he threatened to kill the owner.

Days later, Gish was accused of stealing a 1999 Pontiac Grand Am. The criminal complaint says the car was taken from a Domino's Pizza parking lot in Janesville.

Shortly afterwards, officers responded to a crash involving the Pontiac, and Gish was accused of fleeing the scene.

A fund for the family has been set up at Tri-City National Bank, to help pay for funeral costs. Donations can be made at any Tri-City National Bank branch.

Sunday, Litwicki's family and friends gathered at the home to remember her.

"I'll miss her hugs and her tucking me in at night and saying I'll be able to get over things and the bridges that come into life," Kirsten Litwicki said.

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