Doctors train to handle mass shooting victims

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WAUWATOSA -- Dr. Chris Decker from Froedtert Hospital says medical professionals at his hospital train for an influx of patients. That's the scenario Colorado doctors faced after the mass shooting in Aurora, Colorado during a midnight showing of the Dark Knight Rises that killed 12 and injured over 50.

"First thing I do is try to understand the count of people coming in and I try to understand the severity of injury. Is there going to be some contamination around those injuries, and what sort of resources are available to deal with the injuries?" Dr. Decker said.

Froedtert's 38 bed emergency room is equipped to take on the toughest situations.

"All of the resources have to be available at the fingertips, and so we are resourced to be able to respond to something like this," Dr. Decker said.

Dr. Decker is Froedtert's ER director and says the last time he's seen a mass casualty situation on a large scale locally was in 2005. That's when a gunman opened fire at a Brookfield Sheraton Hotel.

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