Family buries deaf teen killed by random gunfire

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MILWAUKEE -- More than a week after 17-year-old Dequon Carter was shot and killed in Milwaukee his family lays him to rest. The deaf teenager was standing outside a party at his father's house when bullets were sprayed into the crowd. Friends at the funeral say they want to make sure Carter isn't just another statistic.

Deb Kravit helped Carter's family communicate with their deaf infant, and over the year's she's stayed in contact with Dequon. Violence that ended his life is the kind of things Dequon told her he wanted to get away from. The two last spoke just days before the shooting.

Carter was a student at the Wisconsin School for the Deaf, a football player, and a comedian. He was also involved in a deaf drumming group, the only one of it's kind in the state. The group was disbanded, because budgetary issues. We're told Carter's death began a movement to bring the drumming group back.

As his body was carried off to the cemetery his mother asked whoever was responsible for the shooting to please come forward.

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